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This is an amazing place to meet new people and discover a server you've never seen before. We have many different fun and engaging activites that everyone will love, everyone is welcome on our server! We hope that if you join you have a great time!

In shorter words making a friend group where we play popular games and watch movie (better to read description)

We’re a server thats all about anime and gaming, a simple and humble server for weebs.

Aesthetic server!! ♡

Welcome to G-Anime discord server. A gaming and anime community that letting people chill, talk and play with other people with the same vibes.

¿Te gusta el porno fetichista pero todos los servidores están en inglés? Este es un servidor orientado a múltiples fetiches en español, encontrarás mucho contenido nuevo diariamente.

YouTube Squad is a server dedicated to improving content creators and making new friends along the way.

Take the Throne is a new battle royale game with up to 30 players in a free-for-all bloody fight to get to the throne first. Take the Throne is currently in beta - receive your free steam beta key by joining the discord, and participating in demos!

Volere Café is a new and growing roblox café group. We offer a great community, food, and other great things. We wish to become more popular and lend a hand out to others. Join today and see the amazing community for yourself!

We're a Discord community primarily dedicated to the conservation, screening, sharing, troubleshooting, modding, and playing classic Multiplayer PC games

× The Dropouts provides a place for anyone to hang out and socialize with relaxed rules and chill members. × We mainly mess around in this server. We like to interact with the community.

The LiquidGold Official Discord is a server for all of LiquidGold's viwers/subscribers to join and become part of the community. Here, you can see all of LiquidGold's Twitter posts, YouTube videos, and you can even chat with other users.

A commnuity with many useful and fun bot! Also a community with friendly and active staff! And an Advertising Community!

Chill server where you can make friends and talk.