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Here you can find people to communicate with in English language, find teaching material and much more! Discuss about different topics, share some useful sources like Youtube videos or sites, practice your accent, talk about hobbies.

We play among us. You probably play among us. Join us or you will be sus.

Chill Empire is a social server made for you to meet new people!

Best gaming server to ever be made we play among us every night and you can come in and self-promo as well. We play many other games life cod, fortnite, valorant, etc.

A Server for gamers to get together on a vc and get straight to a lobby, We also influence anime as a opic HiHi

High Barbary is an academia server dedicated to reading, writing, STEM, the humanities, and studying but also having fun!

server for carti and related things

Hi and welcome to Poketrade's! here you can quite literaly TRADE pokemon tcg cards and listen to music! (but not only pokemon talk)

Hey! Join our server for fun, meeting now friends and chill at movie nights! We have good A-Team, they will help you anytime! So, why are you waiting for? Come and have fun!

A discord server to vibe send memes n chat to people

Hello! we provide best experience with rules and info please follow the rules to get setted up.

The Astralguard is a D&D 5e community based around progressive one-shot quests. However, it also offers campaigns as well for DMs to host, and will even give them in server rewards for running the campaign!

Praise and worship the holy fax machine.

An NSFW Animal Crossing Discord, for those on night owl ordinance.

Greetings and welcome to Oreo. We are a growing community-based Discord server with one sole purpose, to enjoy ourselves.

A server for all things anime! No discrimination against novice weebs! Join if you love anime too!