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A community of people who like random things. Fun channels and events with a focus on random internet things.

hello we are a wolf pack living in a faraway island called 'crystal island' we are a server for 16-21. we have nsfw corners and sfw corners differently. we also have an agere's corner separated from the rest. this is a new server and we wish to grow.

২・◞ 茶・Club Toyko ⸝⸝ ҂ Welcome to the city! . *  ⨯ ⁺  ˚ .  ・  ✦ .  ⁺   . | simple layout + toyko/anime themed | sfw + friendly members | cute emotes | partnerships + staff applications

This is just a gaming server where people can hang out. Also first couple of people to join will be mods.

We are a small and growing fan-based server for the webtoon ‘Unlucky is as Lucky does’ who have successfully recruited the creator of the series, we have good emotes, bots, and last but not least, a caring and welcoming community! Join the fun now!

Chill Discord server for gamers! Come find some new friends! <3 We have some pretty dank emojis

cant find online friends or good servers? Join us. We are an active server that will welcome everyone.

Server to chill around and do anything and post memes (join if sexy)

we play like Rocket League, cards against humanity, Among us, cod and other good shit

Hi! Welcome to the FireCat Studios discord. Right now we are looking for more devs for our DevTeam. If you're interested DM @MrPhoenixツ#5565! Once we have more support and DevTeam Members we will make games on Roblox!

Welcome to the Peanut Butter Café ! We are a small server for 15+ people to make friends over good pancakes ! What you will find: - Anime/Kpop - Art/Aesthetic - Games/Movies - Funny bots And many other rooms so come join us now !

We are a server with many minigames. We try hard to get ne wmember and are a active team with a nice aura. We would like you to join our community! ^^

this is a cool server for gamers and anime lovers we do giveaways and more join now

hey! we are Eren Yeager Lovers <3. this is a server solely based on Attack on Titan, the popular manga and anime. while we love Eren, he is not all we discuss or are interested in! check out the long descriptions for more info.

A server where pinging is allowed and supported. Not to mention spam pinging is the main thing in the server. Plus there is a leaderboards to track your activity compared to other members of the server.

Welcome to the TradeX Trading Community. A discord based community where you can learn, discuss and chat about trading.