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Vampire Artists Club is a supportive server for artists and art admirers. There are levels, rewards, bots, music, and lots of channels to have fun in. Everyone is welcome as long as you are kind. Hope to see you here!

This is Cavern Depths, a Mining Themed (not minecraft) community server. Read the Long Description below for a simple summary:

Servidor de Warframe exclusivo para Nintendo Switch. En el podrΓ‘s formar parte de nuestra comunidad como invitado para jugar, comentar, comerciar... O puedes solicitar ingresar a nuestro clan Tormenta de rango 10.

Serveris skirtas bendravimui arba rasti ΕΎaidimΕ³ parnerΔ― ;) P.S Ne duchas - ateini ir bendrauji.

Hang out play games and have a laugh and be respectful at all times

We sell/trade every thing from any game possible in roblox that's not all, our prices are the cheapest ones out in the whole market. Come join us for the best things with lowest prices possible.

Heyo! this is a place for filmmakers, producers, directors, writers, etc... to meet! There's chatrooms to just hangout and talk, there's going to be movie nights, chat rooms to discuss short films, tv, and movies, and more!

Hey! Chilling peaches is a server with over 100 members. We're completely SFW, and everyone is welcome:) we provide you fun bots (such as dank memer) and fun channels (such as polls). we have daily quote of the day, question of the day and so much more!

Welcome to the Striker Games! A server centered around a video game under development.

New years GIVEAWAY! up to 100m+ (starting 31-12-2020) 4x Armadyl godsword 5x Zamorak godsword 5x Dragon platebody 5x Abyssal whip 5x Amulet of fury 5X Berserker ring

We like edgy humor and a fun time with members and staff! Go crazy aaaa go stupid.

😈Whalecum to the House of Pain😈 If you're over 18 and looking for a fun, active and welcoming community to get your kinks on online and meet folks Irl then join us in the orgy now.

Lewd Hub is a growing porn community and just like any other server is looking not just to blow up and have alot of people but alot of active people!

Our server is a nice lil roleplay nsfw sever for u and your friends! so come on join and invite ur friends to have fun with us in kitty's dream! this server is super active (time to time!) but i will fix that! so join to help my server!

Crypto Fortress aims to provide a social sphere for crypto enthusiasts, traders, airdrop hunters.

Emersia Roleplay is a Garry's Mod roleplay community.