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Hello! My name is ZZZCUPIDITATEM and this is my server! I'm a rapper and I have a growing server of my friends, fans, and collaborators. If you want to play games, watch stuff, talk about life, send memes, see tits, and make music then join the server!

We are trying to pass a rival discord.

Completely Free Sneaker and Hypebeast Cookgroup Community!

MEME WORLD | Is a vast meme metropolis were high quality memes are shared and traded for a laugh and fun! MEME WORLD also has a lot of bots that are so much fun!

guys who game,shitpost, meme are allowed. you can be a woman liker but dont be loud about your interest in woman

Come hang out, play games, or just talk! This is my YouTube fan server and we would love to have you.

MAI discord server


A group of gamers were you can always find people to chill with play with and have someone to talk to!

Shitposting, Weird yet nice people, to chat and have a laugh with!

We are the only fair play gaming platform which prevents cheating and eliminates gamers ability to gain an unfair advantage within all multiplayer games.

We play games and stuff

✨We are a Pokémon Sword and Shield community that welcomes all!✨

Welcome To The Republic We have our own leveling bots with role rewards and we are a friendly community

A place where you can vibe and talk about basically anything!

Low-moderation server for open discussion about all topics. Also, bears rule!

We make discord bots, emotes and etc... We basiclly make everything that comes to our mind :D

This is the unofficial Super Phantom Cat server, where SPC enthusiasts can come together, talk, and help each other find secrets! You can even get your favorite character as a role!