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Are you 18+? A member of the LGBTQIA+ community or a most welcomed ally? Have we got the place for you! We are a fairly new server dedicated to fostering togetherness within our community via gaming, discussion channels, hang out spots, and weekly events!

Welcome to the White Rose!, We are a small server with a nice community. This is a place where you can chat, vent, and much more! This is what our server has to offer! 200+ Self roles, Active Community and Server Events!

Talken und schreiben und finden Freunde. Und alles rund um Anime, Gaming und Hentai

Come and join! To chill and relax discuss things and more! We have lots open roles and lots open try to apply!

A new server for all F1 fans! Choose your favourite teams, meet new fans, talk to people, comment on races and much more! Just join and you will see!

Multi platform and game community

A friendly place for people to vibe and play TF2

This is my discord server, where you can discuss about coding or programming with others. It is based on my youtube channel, and you can subscribe now by clicking https://bit.ly/3bi3lqC.

Ein Pen and Paper Server, auf dem von mir geschriebene Regelwerke gezeigt werden. Es werden auch Testrunden angeboten und man kann konstruktiv mit bei der Gestaltung mitwirken. Zur Zeit befinden sich 3 Systeme auf dem Server.

Welcome to playlist-exchange! A safe space for everyone to share their own music playlist, favorite artists, music, etc.. via. Spotify, YouTube & more. A place where you can discover new music and rediscover old ones!

Let's Get High Idk Any Reason Not Too Join Blaze Up! Join the server if you want too watch a film and get stoned. We play movies in VC 60fps

Welcome to the server with all the crackhead people who cant handle themselves!! :DD haha were all gonna die in a burning crisp ;-;

Welcome to Börfchat! Börfchat is a server where you can find friends and play games together! We have a bunch of fun channels, including #puppy-pics, #giveaways, and more! We guarantee you'll have a good time in Börfchat!

Gaming and Memes. Join now!

The Avengers are dead. In the 18+, literate roleplay server, the world is falling apart. SHIELD and HYDRA are at each other's throats and the Avengers have fallen. It's up to their children to save the world they had left behind. AU, 616 and MCU based.

Hentai, Giveaways Conversations and watching anime #win nitro watching