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I made this to find people to play Minecraft with and other games and to stream with and make friends its only for xbox laptop and Pc and Vr thirteen plus to have fun

Welcome To Golden Aqua Esports UK We are a Pro Esports Gaming Team Partnered With Rogue Energy we play Lots of Games, Host Tournaments And Giveaways. We also Love Active Community and we want to Grow Our Esports Team

We're a bunch of girls who like to play games or watching other people on the server play games. Everyone really sweet, join to see for yourself.

Make new friends, owners are meme page owners with a small but not miniature following. We play games, watch anime, send memes, and talk for fun :D

this server dose not ave a topic, oh well, maybe it is about acro's yt channel which is about hk and terraria, so If you like those game, feel free to join (oh also, it is about acro and empress too)

Gaming Community Just Gamers Trying to have fun

If u like anime u should join

hi please join this server so you can make new friends and talk about your fav animes, and games

A fun, chill server for hanging out and making friends.

⚡️ The Arcade ⚡️ ⚡️ 3 year old server - running strong! ⚡️ ⚡️ We are a bunch of Gamers meeting in one place! ⚡️ ⚡️ Whatever game you're playing, you're welcome to the server. ⚡️ ⚡️ Hope you give the server a chance <3 ⚡️

Emergency Services Honored is a community focus on supporting and honoring the officers, firefighters and paramedics over the globe! We give updates on fallen officers, firefighters and paramedics and host events within the community!

Looking for a group to chill out with or find a squad to play with or share memes or even self promote? Then Join my discord server and enjoy yourself

Here you can find pro player for party or boosting for you account/

This Is A Server Of Ak47IsMe_Yt With Legit GiveAways! Drops! And Invite Rewards!

1st Fighter Group is an international community dedicated to War Thunder and Heroes & Generals that is recruiting active players that like to play squads. We also have a squadron in War Thunder that is at the top for activity!

Welcome to Maximus's Server. This server is for hanging out, meeting new people and having fun. Thanks for joining. We chat about Gaming, Tech, Music and sometimes programming. You can meet new people, or have a topic conversation.