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This is an up and coming small server for all the simps. Post memes and be a part of the community.

A server started by sushi & sel! We try to make a non-toxic server for everyone!

Alright, so I am way too tired to make some stupid and retarded advertisement, so here's this: This is just another kind of fun but kind of boring Furry server. You may find many accommodations there, and if you want more, put it in the suggestion box.

GΔME COMMUNITYツ is a server based on gaming and on making the community feel good: -active staff -fun chats -cool people -colourful names -giveaways and polls -events -autoroles - FOTD and updates on the COVID-19 trend

Oldest Version GDPS

Mükkemel bir sunucuya katılmak istermisin? İstersen oyun istersen mizah konuşabileceğin bir sunucu! Oyun oynamak istersen moderatör olsun farketmeden etiketleyip onunla oyun oynayabilirsin! İsteklerini bize yazabilirsin! Bol şans!

Greetings, this server is the place to be if you're bored wandering Appalachia or the Mojave Wasteland alone.

This is a new league that is growing. We are trying to get more members and we will have a small prize pool. It is an Xbox Rainbow Six Siege league.

We are non-professional community that helps people fighting with their depression/sadness/ or anything else you are struggling with. No judging, no opinions our goal is just to help ya! We accept all religions and all races.We are also LGBT- friendly.

Hi Dis Serverz For My Fans on yt

Welcome to Worldeaters! Here are some of the things we offer: - Reward system based on activity - Community tab with everything from Memes to Promotions - Self-promotion tab - VIP hangout spots

Are you looking for a server for fun? Then LongNight's is for you! You can make good friends with active chat. You can have a good time with the server's boots We are growing more and more every day Join our server and support us!

A server to hangout and to have a good time. Some adjustments can be made by the members,but only if we want. For now it's a small community,so we will like to see you join.

Come over and join us in WCRP, legitimate maturity professionalism

Stay At Home is a tightly-knit community with a burning passion for bringing many users who hold a variety of interests together in this hard quarantine time. A community who treats even their newest members as if they're family.