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Hello! Are you looking for a server? Oh, your welcome here! We have: 🎵 | Music's 🔢 | Counting to infinity 🤗 | Family Friendly Server 💬 | Fun community 🚩 | Free advertising 🎁 | Giveaways 📈 | Growing Community And much more!

No rules to non moderator users. Lots of bots too many to be honest. Please keep nsfw thing's in the n-s-f-w channel. You can use the bots at will. Recommend bots you might want added and ill consider your request with other mods.

A gaming server, meme server, weeb server. Really just all our interest packed into one server. Want to meet new people and play games with one another.

Come hang out with us in Megumin's Dungeon! A verified server where anyone and everyone is welcome!

We Welcome New One and Thanks Everyone.!!!

💕 》SELF - ROLES ➳ 150+ self-roles to describe yourself! 💕 》LGBT - FRIENDLY ➳ 100% LGBT friendly! 💕 》VERIFICATION ➳ Obtainable selfie & age verification! 💕 》ACTIVITY ➳ Over 30k messages a day! 💕 》70+ PROFILES A DAY ➳ Get in

We here at Crouch Potatoes are Gamers and PC hardware enthusiasts!

Loner's Lounge is a non-toxic server meant for those within the 13-18 age range strictly. We are a teen server aimed at teens during these trying times. This is a hangout server, not a dating server however. So, please give us a try!

Hey, we are Vibe. Vibe is a cool server where you can relax and have fun!

this's an algerian community server for gamers, music, designers, anything algeria algerian algerie algerien dz

be in the hierarchies of one of the richest people ever!

hi wassup! i created this server because im starting to make streams on twitch. If you want to play and have fun join the server ! :)

Československý komunitní server utvořený na platformě Discord.

Blue Country Roleplay is a FiveM Roleplaying community that has opened July 1st, 2020. We are a group of people that like to play professional, quality roleplay.

A community freindly server with robbing on occasionally but we have free money on the go 247