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This is a server dedicated to packing other people for fun! Racism, homophobia is allowed anything is really We have chill mods We have hella funny chats

Porn, memes, and hookups.

LGBTQ server dedicated for bears and their admirers

This server is about different types of equipment used during world war two. Items such as uniforms, medals, vehicles, firearms and more.

TKAQK's Server VA is a Voice acting server for a gacha series.🗣🎙 Mainly a voice acting series for gacha.

Welcome to the pizza club!! Were pizza fans and crusaders alike can join and have fun. Dobt be stupid... Read the rules

yeah short description, i'm tryna build a server and i was thinking about advertising it. so yeah please join. (also this server can be anything, like anime, chating, nsfw, etc.)

My server is a game server where people can meet up and have fun and meet new people and there is a lot of giveaways in my server

I hope this server will not get lost in others list . I did my best to make this server something good ...

We are a friendly gaming organisation for both casual and competitive gamers!

This is the official server the game "Obbies of Chaos" in Roblox!

This is a fun little roleplay server for Danganronpa, Okegom,Yandere Simulator, My hero academia, Toradora!, Black Butler, fans, ect.! We love people to make new friends and have fun in our server, and maybe make a few memories here!

Welcome To The House of REEE. This server includes: -chill community -nice staff -streaming (apply for the role) -activities -and so much more


Youtubers supporting youtubers and fans

Fanart/art group for the game Sky Children of the Light!