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We are bingus, a gaming/ chill community. come join but first read rules

✨ Girls Night is a twist on 'Saturdays are for the boys' - Girls Night is for everyone!! We center our server around an older gaming community, and the Saturdays that we hang out (and drink)! 16+

We are a growing gaming community. We are open for new users and exited to get to know you.

Linked is Simple. Find other players and play without the social hassle. Linked is super easy to use. Request to play a game, and get linked. Playing with other players has never been easier.

A fun server with a custom bot I made for economy, memes and fun stuff!!! Come join

Hi, this is a new server, we want to make a big community, it's about gaming, social and artworks. Just join for fun and help (!)

Join the new Radiohead server!

Lakos Gaming is a server about... Well... Gaming! Whether it be the PC masters, or the console plebs. It is in development, so things may/may not be as polished as they should.

This is the official Sovereign Gamers 1 community discord. The server is meant to serve as a meeting place and community gathering for like-minded gamers to come together.

β‹˜ For all ages with restricted channels for under 18 β‹˜ New and active Staff β‹˜ ID & Face picture required for 18+ access β‹˜ Friendly and supportive of all people.

Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity on the best Hytale Discord ! Hytale is a new game from Hypixel Studios. Hytale game updates, news & more

We’re a server composed of gamers, weebs & LGBTQ+ members. We offer weekly events, multiplayer games, economy bots & a friendly atmosphere! We hope you enjoy your stay here. πŸ’“

Gaming Balkan Community

PTRGiveaways is a discord server where there are giveaways daily!

We are HardstyleFreaks / Malati per l'Hardstyle / Wir sind Hardstyler Discord Server. Telegram: https://t.me/wearehardstylefreaks

A meme server, yeah, and it needs more members, a meme server on the toilet papers and other memes!