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VVS discord server


VVS, a fun interactive server where you can meet many new people from different communities. We play many games, minecraft, overwatch, outlast, you name it, we probably play it! We are very welcoming to anyone.

Hey! We are a small but growing community for Roleplay, we unfortunately don't have a lot of playstation users, but hopefully you guys join. We have a good system and support. This is the hub server, so you can pick your console you play on.

Lingualand is a new language learning server! Join now and be sure to check out the giveaways channel, as we are hosting a giveaway as we recruit new members. Join today and choose your roles!

Memes Music YouTubers Friendly Staff Awesome Voice channels Lit bots Levels Chats active 24/7 Many color roles

Server Discord cộng đồng Việt Nam, discord Hey Flaggers!

幸せ (Shiawase) is japanese for: happiness or good fortune. Shiawase is a social server where you can: Meet new friends Play with bots Listen to music Post the SPICIEST MEMES in all the land We welcome all hope you enjoy your time. :)

At this planet, we except everyone. You can meet new people, chat, and have fun with bots!

Uma comunidade de otakus e gamers

Hey! Come join our amazing gaming community! We have: 🔶 Excellent Management 🔶 Fun Games 🔶 Amazing Community 🔶 Everything Gaming 🔶 Economy 🔷 Join Now! 🔷

vihmu OpenArena clan and servers.

We are a new community that enjoys anime and gaming. This is the place to show you're inner weebness. I created this server because I like to talk about and to play with people on anime,games,manga the things I love to do and have passion for.

The Official Discord Server of the Youtuber and Twitch streamer CaptainVapor. Come hangout talk about new games, youtube videos, and more!

This server is a small but growing server where you can buy art and etc for free. Well, not exactly for free... We use a bot which has a currency that you can earn by using .work in the correct channel. This currency allows you to trade digital items.