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A server where film fans are free to discuss all things film! A safe server for whoever wants to join! you will be able to discuss about any kind of film you like as well as share memes etc!

Hi! be free of joining to my server! always hot for you, daddy🔥

New server looking for members. Has nsfw section, focused on Minecraft and other games. Need quality staff.

Where Creativity Runs Wild

egg discord server


A friendly gaming community that has little rules focused on having fun. We offer TF2 CSGO Sea of Thieves and Payday 2.

For creatives, by creatives. Come join our tribe. :)

Like survival MMO's? What about FPS games? Maybe you enjoy a good RPG? If you answered yes to any of these questions then click the button and get in here! We're doing all of those things!

gaming, chilling and chatting

Welcome to Anything.avi! This is a visual novel themed server, based around games like DDLC (Doki Doki Literature Club), Persona, and Danganronpa! We have... Active members! A nice mod team! Custom emotes! Custom Roles! Very relaxed rules! And more

Looking for a server? Go grab some tea or whatever you please and join fellow gamers, weebs, and artists!

join if big pp https://discord.gg/uqvsW7ZGaW

Hello everyone, We are Storm Field, a long-running server that has gone from Medieval to Steampunk and now into a Modern era. This is our third server for our third era. Come join us as you create the story.

The Multiverse is a multi-universe roleplaying server where you can make an original character from any universe and bring them into a world where fantasy, science fiction, and other worlds combine. Fall with us into the world of worlds!