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a server to chill in and talk to other people and look for people to play with.

This is our Minecraft Prisons server.

Just a stupid server my friend made join if you want to mess around


Account trading inluding games like; Fortnite CSGO IRL Methods. https://discord.gg/6vpXGv

- Welcome to Upryer, a mythology and fantasy type alternative reality. There's general chats, refered to as the Lounge, with multiple channels as well as five different role play locations with ten plus channels in each of them! <3

This is the official discord server for the indie game studio name 'We Make Bad Games' Join plz if you want to play cool indie games!

We are a friendly community that has a Minecraft Java Edition server. We need some active members. We have a custom bot for moderation and also verification so no hacker can come. There is also Idle Miner for some small Minecraft discord minigame.

مرحبا بكم في سيرفر فاضي السيرفر مخصص للدردشة و اكتساب الاصدقاء السيرفر يحتوي على رومات مخصصة للالعاب مثل ببجي و فورتنايت وغيرها الكثير ورومات مخصصة للانمي بشكل عام نتشرف في حضور جميع الاجناس و الاعمار بدون تمىز

Please join our discord server.

This is a server for my fans on the Tube and object show lovers.

we do events n' stuff, come join and chill

Come chat w us, we have a lot of fun (:

Under construction...

Welcome to //CLASSIFIED// we are a Text-RP discord server that is looking for members! If you like SCP and also like Text-RP this is the place to come!