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Hi im a YouTuber and i make dragon ball whatifs and this is my community if you what to join it would be great hope your having a good daygrin

Deception is a chill place where you can chat!

This server is all about anime and discussing it with people. you can also discuss things about your mental health if needed.

Chill server we talk about all kind of things make sure to have a look

Social Server. Under construction...

Welcome to my server where you can freely chat and do alot more.

Welcome to JetRed Airways! We are a small airline looking for staff and passengers, we have everyday events and flights, from 5pm and 7pm (UTC+2) You can of course pilot a plane here, co-pilot, marshal for a plane and even be an ATC!

A new automotive server that encourages deep discussion with an effort to build an close knit community.

A server where (ig) memepages unite.

We are the server for $STONKS. Don't have any? That's more than fine, we'll take you in anyways. Wanting to get into crypto? We'll help you with that too!

Discord does not allow anyone under the age of 13 to create an account. We must follow Discord’s TOS. Members under 13 are not allowed !!🚫 🚫Pedos and zoophilia are not welcome to the fandom.. We must to protect our minors🚫

Inferno breakers is a famly frendly gameing server thare is no swareing racism or sexism allowed. NSFW is not allowed and overall it sold be a fun group we will be doing yt vid and updates ragulerly you can talk abow alot of games here.

Welcome to the Cosmos Trading Group! We created this server to provide everyone with the opportunity to receive quality education and alerts, as well as the ability to watch live trading competitions every month.

Fun, semi-toxic community Tons of emojis Welcoming community Active members Dating Fun bots Friendly staff