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A server for people who love discord to get together and have fun and get together in game.

--- Join in a community with other like minded producers! --- This EDM community offers: βœ… Free samples βœ… Free Presets βœ… Free plugins βœ… Promotion channel βœ… DAW Specific channels Need advice or have a question? We have a channel for that.

Join the most fresh, friendliest and fastest growing PSO2 English PC and XBOX community!β€ͺ

This is a community server, with fun bots, giveaways, partnerships, self roles including colors, a way to describe yourself, and more.

༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ༻❀༺ ⦁Active chat ⦁Caring staff ⦁Lots of bots »»——————> ⦁Occasional giveaways and drops ⦁Little to no pings ⦁Growing community »»——————> ⦁Highly moderated ⦁Little to no raids β€’Weekly giveaways

Balkan community discord! Everybody are welcome. We love to have fun and play games together. Real Slavs πŸ–€

Variety gaming server and hangout spot.

EVERGLORY is an homage to the classics which defined the Real-Time Strategy genre. Experience the epic story through a lengthy and varied single-player campaign, then create your own scenarios and write the next chapter yourself.

Picture of Joe Biden with a thumbs up reaction. No ads. Just Joe.

Hey comrades, this a fun, chill and meme server where you can make friends! Please don't leave after seeing the size of the server, THAT'S WHY WE NEED YOU!

Minecraft server to talk, chill, hang out, and have fun :D

Hangout server for 13-19 year olds. We have: Memes, Music and more! We are striving for an active community and friendly members!

The most Chill sever in the world m8.

Hey, Welcome to my GTA Online modding server. In this server i do free money drops and i also have some cheap recoveries if anyone is interested! Expect some recovery giveaways aswell.

Griffin Studios is a community grown from the griffin studios youtube channel! come play with like minded people who all have one thing in common. they watch gaming content on our youtube channel we always welcome new members and are looking to grow!!!!!!