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This is a server for every interest! It has a community for every hobby/interest whether it be art, sports, music, coding, gaming or anything else! You get a hobby role (for example Gamer) and you will be able to see all the 19 gamer channels!

Roblox, New server, Need people

The Prime Lounge is a server that is made for anime fans or people who like to play video games. This is a community server where you can make new friends and relax. This server has many events and has a good number of bots that are really fun. Enjoy.

This community dedicated to the new and experienced trader. We focus on traditional and crypto markets, leveraging different trading styles, education and support to build confidence, knowledgable, successful and profitable independent traders.

SECOND CHANCE What is Second Chance? Second Chance is a ROBLOX Game show community that hosts obby, swordfight, building, and more competition games. Why should I join? In Second Chance we provide a positive, kind, and friendly community.

Want an engaging social and gaming server? Oviceras is all about collaborating, sharing, conversations, gaming and more! Join now to meet our talkative staff and play together with growing streamers.


News Hub is a great place to come and get the latest news about your favourite games, programs, or even Discord itself. We have curated a selection of different channels, all of which receive notifications from official sources, in a single server.

Unlike Most Server We Have Our Own 24/7 Bot As Well As Multiple Different Groups (Anime/Games/Work)

You know you want to join

🤑 Investing 💴 Trading 📈 Working toward financial freedom 💲 FREE resources and tools 💸 Premium available for serious investors 👛 Active community

Wij zoeken leden die fivem roleplay willen spelen. Wil jij Damsco joinen om de stad samen groter en gezelliger te maken dan ben jij welkom!

YO discord server


Ko ni chi vu~a. I have new server..there are 19 members now, but I want have a lot of members so please join! This is really great choice, because we will be active, we know a lot of anime and also we're playing games like roblox and more.

Hang out, listen to music, share memes, and vibe

Hello! If you are looking for a chill, fun and friendly community, come and join Honeypot! We got dedicated channels for games, cinema, chatting, and others. Join and try it for yourself! We hope to see you there!

the Immortal Server with Immortal members