cutesy emotes!
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Cute + Nonverbal Emotes

/r/NAut1cs Esports
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NAUT1CS is an Indian E-sport organization/team best known for there counter strike global offensive team,they also have teams representing other games such as rocket league and FIFA.

Nexus 4546B
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No Man's Sky and Gaming community, friendly staff and members. NMS giveaways too!

Nerd Nights
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Gaming community that host tournaments and plays casual games together. Everyone knows each other on a personal level and is super friendly!

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Amazing community of people coming together to talk and play games together.

It's a Server
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It's just a server, you don't have to join but it would be nice if you do.

Euro Truck Simulator 2/…
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Ahoj, hraješ ets2 ats a hledáš přátelskou komunitu? Jsi na správném místě. U nás zapadne každý a zažiješ plno zábavy a pohody tak se neváhej přidat

Krisspy World
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find people to play games with, you could also promote you're socials in the self-promotion section

Guacamole Game Corner
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Welcome to Guacamole Game Corner! We hope you enjoy your stay here. This is a minigame server, where we have frequent games being hosted, such as Elevators, Mafia, Survivor, and much more! You can even choose to host your own game here!

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Достаточно интересный сервер для игр и общения 🎇 В котором есть система разных ивент игр 🎁 Казино , покер , jackbox , mafia , botel и другие 🍇 Заводи новых друзей общаясь!

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Sunucumuza gelirseniz hiç pişman olmucaksımız eminim 🙂

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Siamo una nuova community basata sul divertimento, giochi, sviluppo e socializzazione!

Brypto Bruhs Calls
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This is a Fantom Oriented Server where I share my trades. Come see the future while its free.💙

Triple Seven Club
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TSC is the best NFT community, you'll have the chance to win in giveaways🎉, access exclusive events🎊, premium conversations💬, get passive income💰, BIG PLANS, and more! All that👆 for just investing $50. Join our current event now and get a role!🔥

The Pub of Adventurers
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A D&D server with fun missions or quests that play out as normal, however also centered around text based role play, either with the GMs or other players.

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