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Welcome to the THE POWER server! This server's sole purpose was for people to be able to connect in a safe, friendly server where you wont see dumb douchebags spamming every 2 mintes (we have a dedicated channel for that).

Server for freely available educational resources. Covering different topics and focusing heavily on IT and Cybersecurity.

Hello! Small Bubbles is a smp semi-vanilla Minecraft server with clans, fun plugins, and packed with secret rewards you can redeem. We currently have over 60+ members in the Discord.

An organized yet friendly automotive based discord. We have separate categories for different types of vehicles, and plenty of channels to vibe to some music in. Feel free to join, make sure to read the rules, and send pictures of you cars, bikes, trucks!

Ayksa Laboratory is server for discord bot.

we are a small server for people to chat and make friends

Casual gaming and chatting community for ages 18+. We like to play CSGO, League, Rocket league, escape from tarkov, Warzone, Siege etc. We have chats music, sports, game sales and update links, and many more!

Hello! Thank you for looking at our server. If you want a new family or just friends consider joining! We have A Headpat group that loves giving away free head pats. A Validation channel! a venting channel, and emergency resources!

Remedium is a place where you know you always have someone to talk to! There’s no need to be lonely anymore, join this lovely 18+ server to cure your loneliness today.

A place for young entrepreneurs to talk about business with each other and network.

Club 90nine is a community of individuals and organizations from all walks of life with a shared passion for the Metaverse, Crypto Art, and other non-fungible technologies

Official balkan discord server

A fan server for the Netflix Original La Casa de Papel or Money Heist

Discuss with other DCUOBot users, post suggestions or ask questions to the staff.

We are a friendly BR Roleplay community, who like to have fun!

❤movie nights run by my friend Gabe ❤motorcycles allot of motorcycles ❤venting channel ❤music hangout nights ❤meme channel ❤nsfw memes ❤Gaming nights run by Gabe ❤friendly mods