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This server is Community orientated. Its main purpose is to meme about everything, get News from other Sources like OBS, Streamelements, Discord Testers, and much more! Join us if you want to have a bid of a goof =D Join now! and gain your tegrity!

A discord server for those which have interests in gaming, memes and much more.

We are helping E-Girls getting bigger.

Server for artists, producers, and everyone alike to come chill and chat!

:sparkles: SPECIAL :sparkles: Gaming Server/Hangout! All games/Console/PC/Anime!

Heya! Wanna meet some people or just vibe? Then this is the place for you! We have a variety of bots to chose from and are always willing to add more! We want to be like a family! Always there for eachother and very accepting!

This is the Official server for Elele.Team. We're an online-gaming clan/community, you can meet new friends play games or just generally chat!

An active new and friendly bird and gaming community! Everyone is welcome! Come hang out and chat about anything at all! Games, Birds, Bots, and Events!

A Small Chat for Yungblud fans, Or anyone else who loves music, For now we are small and hoping to grow

We are a Girls und Panzer fan/hangout community: -Friendly mods -Friendly community -Bots based on multiple characters of the show for you to interact with -World of Tanks friendly Help us grow!!!

Just Join And Have Some Fun With Us

The Anonymous Party is a scam operated by Ellen Mahmood and Jacob Sazonov. They are attempting to hijack the name Anonymous for political purposes and money. Several activists have been attacked by this group of people. Join us and speak out!

Go crazy just trying to get more members in my server, anything goes.

If you are a fan of Futurama and animation in general, this server is perfect for you!

Snow Beast Gaming is a friendly and welcoming community of gamers. We decided to create this community to allow people to join and make new friends, hang out and ultimately have a laugh!