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a server to chill in and talk to other people and look for people to play with.

Hey! This is universal conquest. Similar to a Star Wars rp, the objective is to join a faction, build your fleets, and take over the galaxy. But this is no ordinary Rp. Instead, the people of the server come up with their own lore, their own ships.

Under construction...

I stream and make YouTube videos about hypixel skyblock | I also do epick give aways

We are an RDO posse that strives to spread equality and fairness amongst the rdr2 community by assisting outlaws through the difficulties within Red Dead Redemption Online.

We are a community of Harry Potter fans who like to talk all day about the rich world J.K. Rowling created, from the Moaning Myrtle to Horcruxes and Death Eaters, we'll talk about everything! Even how to add Harry Potter to your own world! Come join us!

This is a sever about being comfortable, if you really do enjoy this server please invite your friends. you may also say whatever the hell you want. as long as its cool with me (The Owner)

A chill server for getting help/feedback on your code, sharing it, or just meeting and talking to new people.

Red Crescent is a server where you hang out with friends, interact with new people, and build bonds.

Bonjour à tous, je vous présente Uto ! Uto est un Serveur MMG (Minecraft Mini-Games), il sera composé de plusieurs mini-jeux nouveaux, et encore jamais vu du grand publique ! Rejoignez-nous !

Tohle je Discord server, na kterém je pozvánka na náš Minecraft server, takže se můžeš připojit, a v klidu si zahrát. ;)

Kraina Szopów to serwer discordowy youtubera SzopDemaskuje! Fajna atmosfera i sprawiedliwa moderacja.

Under construction...

We're a brand new community for writers and readers of original fiction and fan fiction.

Community for discussing lots of videogames, including League of Legends, Minecraft, CS:GO and many more! Also fans of bodybuilding and fitness in general!

Welcome to the Deep: Pixel-art platformer game located deep inside caves. Read latest news and chat with the community.