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Want to participate in cool discord nitro giveaways? Want to have fun? I mean who doesnt want free discord nitro! Well come to our server today for cool rewards!

Just a place to chill and talk u know, But we dont mid shitposts

This is a pirate themed server where anyone is welcome!

Genshin Impact Gaming Server

Just trying to see how many members this server will get. Feel free to join!

Have a favourite game you want to talk about? Want to play a game with someone? Want to just hang out? Well you have found the perfect server

UNITEDGAMERZ welcomes you to build, join, and unite together playing a variety of games.

a server for when u dont want to do what u should or cant sleep and need peeps to chat or play with.

If you play Minecraft, then join our server! This is a growing server so we need members!

A gaming organization for the mobile game, Critical Ops by Critical Force. We aim to be a friendly environment who play competitively. We aim to be a successful clan with good players. Currently recruiting!

what are we? - a conspiracy and general political server that also serves as a lounge for chatting what can I expect? - debates, conspiracies and memes We have a large number of roles that can be applied to users that wish for it. Flat earther role?

[- Growing Active Community] [- Friendly Staff] [- GTAVO Car Community & Enthusiasts] [- Player Voted Meets] [- Active Giveaways]

A new CoD Mobile eSports team looking for new members!

We are a multi-platform Competitive e-Sports FPS Team that focuses on games such as Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Delta-Force, and many more

this is where any fandom can interact!!

We are a small community but we are pretty cool we have a mc server if u would like to join make sure to join the server and ask for Steze