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A simple server to spend your time in. LGBTQ+ friendly. You have many fun options and channels to check out!

We Welcome you to our Minecraft Server Discord! We are a Bright, friendly, and competitive community. We are happy to invite you!

chill server where you can make new friends and game. join for a good time

Server for the roblox game Obby Universe!

Basically I made this server for fun and if I ever get a audience on YouTube that this would be the server. Though its mainly for now its for making new friends.

very weird lmao.

A growing Discord Community with focus on gaming and memes. 18+, Everyone is welcome

streamer community server

Naruto community with cosplayers and drawers.

lowkey toxic but chill. this is a as small community! talk about your interests and make new friends :)

A server for gamers who want to make new friends and have fun

We talk about fur stuff and we have an rp channel for ppl who wonna do fur rp with each other!

We are a group who play Minecraft anarchy. here you can chill, play Minecraft with friends and hang out.

A Minecraft Themed Server

[18+] Discord Server [Strictly 18+ can join. This is not a place for kids or the faint of heart]

This is my cool Discord server. Join now.