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Canadians! Australians! New Zealanders! United Kingdomers! Israelis! Americans! If you love talking about Psychology, Politics, Philosophy, etc..... you will love this server!

This community is all about creativity and expressing yourself. We are here to have fun and hang out. Come join us!

Epic server run by Mr Potato, a youtuber!

dsc.gg/plead ─ π—£π—Ÿπ—˜π—”π—— is a small chill exclusive server focused mostly on roblox with an active community and lots of engaging events

Cool place for lgbt+ Mcyt fans too

A language learning server with 20 languages available, the continuation of the original LLDC.

We Are Team Aera, A fairly well established Fortnite clan/team . We're looking for new members and a positive community. We operate over all platforms, and nearly all servers . β–¬β–¬β–¬ What We Offer β–¬β–¬β–¬ ✯ Discord with 30+ members ✯ Instagram with 100+

A cute little welcoming community based on discord, and other stuff with lots of dmc and nitro Giveaway.

Join my baby's +18 server too view her nudes invite people too get access or buy custom pictures or videos hope too see you!

JesteΕ› graczem lola i szukasz serwera, gdzie bΔ™dziesz mΓ³gΕ‚ znaleΕΊΔ‡ osoby do gry i takiego, gdzie administracja nie ma kija w dupie? Ten serwer jest dla ciebie!

Hi! Our safe space server was created to act as a safe place everyone would be excepted in, and to spread positivity over the negative. I hope that people can find comfort in our server and make tons of new discord buddys! <3

We are the Super Niggas of the Future!

Welcome to Night universe where you can enjoy the community and chat music channels game channels, with a active mod/admin and a great team we provide a safe environment to express yourself and become god at games, we also have perks for you come and join

A PVZ Versus Mode Community. Matchup here to find people to play PVZ {Versus Mode, Coop Mode, Multiplayer Fan Games}

This discord channel is for the community of EternalRealms Minecraft Java server. An MC-MMORPG!