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》AniGaming《 AniGaming ist ein neuer Deutscher Anime/Gaming Server im Aufbau! Ziel ist es eine große deutsche Community zu bilden :3

Learning Google What is Learning Google? Learning Google is a server specifically for helping people understand and learn all the cool unknown and complicated features.

A server based on Kimi Ga Shine by Nankidai! Personal Roles of beloved characters or floormasters you adored from the game and miscellaneous roles for the artistic bunch! You’re not limited to only YTTD here; all rpg maker game fans and etc are welcomed

Welcome to the Club. If you are Under 18 Please otherwise stay with us and help this server grow beyond the Stars

Este server es en español y es jevi.

Community and Information regarding OS X on x86 hardware and macOS. We offer users a place to trade and share information about OSx86 Hackintosh Systems and Builds and the various hardware needed to run it.

A discord that likes to play and talk about Apocalypse Rising 2 A game on roblox. We are a friendly community that also likes to talk about the game and provide groups to go out and scavenge the Apocalypse.

a welcoming and supportive community

>Nitro giveaways >Fallout 76 faction (Xbox) >Minecraft Realm (Bedrock) >Upstart Streamers >And many more to come! Join us and help us expand :)

just chill and chat

Hi. There's nothing in this server. No gaming, no anime, no music, no levels, no emoji, no art, and no bots as of now. Just spam. Don't join. Also u can ping @everyone. Exclusive chat for cool names also.

Just an osu! related Discord server, but also for other games.

it is a community server for my twitch followers where people can talk to me and each other whether I'm live or not. I feel like this server will help me get to know the people that watch me and help them get to know me.

⚜ ℌ𝔞𝔯𝔞𝔪 ℌ𝔬𝔲𝔰𝔢 ⚜ A server to chill, mess around, have fun and make friends. We offer a variety of channels including memes, gaming, socials, and much more. Join us and help us grow while having fun and staying active!😈

This server is dedicated to being a hangout/emotes server where you can chill with people and do fun things

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