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A chill community for Genshin Impact players! For tips, helpful people, memes, and more! Even a NSFW bot if that's your thing :3

White Noise™ is an all inclusive server catering to many communities/affinities such as LGBTQ+ folks, furries, kinksters, etc. We have contests, jam sessions in the VC, game bots, self roles, and most importantly, lots of cool people to get to know!

A server with great memes, fun, and games!

we sit in calls all day playing games. we post funny videos and memes. we have channels for everything and the server is optimized by great bots. looking for people who are interested.

Hey guys, just want to send out a quick invite to the perfect server, a place where we host monthly game jams, weekly art challenges, and we have channels to collaborate, post commissions, and share your projects! Be there or be ▢ !

A nice server with fun bots and a large web of connected branches. Temporarily work in progress, but finished servers are available as of now.

Devil Dungeon is a server aimed for people to gather & discuss, share experiences, voice opinions, dedicated to making friends and expanding connections.

🌸 Welcome to Vibe Village 🌸 Join the other villagers!

We like to hangout and have fun with bots!

The official AprixStudios Discord Server

Utopian Capital is an up and coming Nitro/PayPal giveaway server, currently we are trying to gain members in order to fund the giveaways, if you could join that would be greatly appreciated thanks!

A Server whose motto is to Never give up, even if we have small ratings we will continue to go grow like anyone else. This server deals with Anime, Manga, Gaming, Streaming, Movie Nights, Music, and much more! Be sure to join this server. Thank you!!

A wholesome, fun server with plenty of people chatting, playing games, and getting to make friends with eachother!

Fun little community for sharing memes and just hanging out.

we are a new server that is just trying to get people that play fortnite into our server and hopefully get a good server running we wish for you to join and invite your friends!