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football server/haxball server.

A simple cyber security group looking forward ;) Join if you are a professional/intermediate or even noob in cyber security, All are welcomed.

A friendly community to sit down and chill with.

We're a community server that is themed around the cartoon character Patrick Star! We are a welcoming community that loves to talk and make new friends together.

Just a fun server for gaming and messing around with your friends. Feel free to join!

A chill place to talk, make friends, and just chill with members. I have bots like rhythm that are available to all members! join and come.

This is a server where you get to talk about your favorite games and chill I will add whatever categories you want as long as it’s not NSFW so please join today

Hey all! Some of you out there may already know me by chance, but my name is Husky and no, I'm not a furry. However, what I am is a person who is trying to gather supporters of my gaming channel here that I want to cover all games people want.

a simple and new roleplay server!

Just my Server where I want to talk :)

Under construction...

Options trading group dedicated to help members learn.

Norway's best Discord community! Members from all around the world are welcome here. We're also doing giveaways and more! Feel free to join!

gaming and content creation includes self promo

Hey there ! This is just a fan server for the otome game Obey Me!