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Hello there! We are a fun and kind community made for Minecraft players! Although most of us play bedrock, Java players are welcome too! We have fun bots, a leveling system with roles, a Minecraft Realm Server, a kind community,.

This server is for The racinggamer05's YouTube and twitch viewers to hang out.

Join us if you like to meet new people and make new friends. Also we have hella dank memes πŸ‘€

if you are looking for a server to chill out, to play games with other people or just to talk this is the server that you have been looking for the hole time Join us today!!!

════ ∴❈∴ ════ ✨Drugs✨ ════ ∴❈∴ ════ β‰ͺβ”β”€β”β”€β”β”€β”β”€β—ˆβ”€β”β”€β”β”€β”β”€β”β‰« Meet druggishly addictive friends! β‰ͺβ”β”€β”β”€β”β”€β”β”€β—ˆβ”€β”β”€β”β”€β”β”€β”β‰« πŸ’₯ Cool emotes πŸ’₯ Professional Server πŸ’₯Fun Bots πŸ’₯Critics for your writing!

Transcendence PREMIUM NSFW community server Pleasure beyond what should be possible.

A hub for all Roblox news.

Join to have Friends to have fun with

TINAS - This Is Not A Server. If you enjoy gaming, and talking, and random people and random convo's, Come visit Tina's.

A Gaming Server Focused On Shooters And Has A Nice Community.

A Danganronpa Roleplay Server including Canon Characters and OCs! anon character

gor3 social community

Server isn't specifically about fwogs. But you should join it anyway, you can totally post frogs. Simple and very new server just looking to have fun with potential friends!

This is a dark urban fantasy RP server emphasizing gritty realism, player agency, and out-of-the-box thinking. This project has been in development for well over a year at this point, but progress has been agonizingly slow due to lack of writers.

The Chasing XP Developer Hub is a place for indie game developers to hang out, swap war stories, get help and give help.