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Hey y'all, I made a public discord server where people can get together to find among us games, chill, and play. Whether you play among us for fun, to win, or maybe you just looking to hang out with peeps, then please consider joining the server.

Welcome to The Vampire Diaries! This community is a TVD community but its also a place to socialize and meet new people!

A FREE reselling group that is in the works!

Join this team discord if you want to join a team or if you are looking for friends or players to play with we have a active community and a lot of community events like smash or passes, polls and more!!!

Vyvanse ADD/ADHD medicine and supplements recommendations and reviews.

Central is a place to chat to people and also find people to play games such as among us, csgo and more, come join now we dont bite!

british based server where people chat shit

Hello! Welcome to Genshin Galaxy, a welcoming community with guides, advisors, and carries. We also have our own Genshin Impact Server time and event countdown bot! Have fun chatting and enjoy your stay!

We are a small team including a writer and song writer who wanted to make musicals but only audio of it.

MoonLightStars community full of gamers from across the spectrum!

We talk about fur stuff and we have an rp channel for ppl who wonna do fur rp with each other!

For cheaper prices: we sell Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass for PC, Ultimate, etc. We're also a gaming community mostly revolving towards Microsoft Xbox. Join now!

📚 We offer Fast Chegg Answers and Textbook Solutions for Students and those alike.📚

A small friendly community (mostly filipino / asian) server around the Greek Mythology theme where members have fun together

pfps, icons, gifs, aesthetic, games & so much more!