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We are a family-friendly server that is filled with Pokémon lovers, and an expansion to ACNH is on the horizon. There are daily shiny raids, daily giveaways, free services for Gen 7/Gen 8 games, and so much more! Come join us to have a great time!

~Kinetic Gaming Community is a worldwide community of ​1700+ mature ​gaming enthusiasts, who have grown up in the era of eSports. We emphasize teamwork and communication. ​Come game with us today! http://discord.gg/FB8npxC

Dinokuma is a chill server where you can meet to people and have fun conversations. We have much to offer (pinky promise!). Dinokuma is a fairly new server so we could really use your help getting started up, and we promise we'll make it worth you're whil

A server to meet other gamer's, network, look for clan mates, share dank memes, or just be yourself. we don't judge! (maybe a little)

just a club for cute persons and cute personalty's and an adventure ahead...

Social Gathering for all 18+. Freedom of Speech encouraged.

This is a fun gaming discord server. It is a fun, understanding discord server. There is a leveling system, consistent updates, strict moderation, fun bots, many channels, server events and customs, and teams. There is a more to see so join to find out!

PGI discord server


This is kinda like a meme and war thing soo yeah...

PGI discord server


This is kinda like a meme and war thing soo yeah...

A server for a species of PonyTown! Also called TOET. We are very active, host fun activities everyday, have interesting backstories, 5 subspecies and much more! We are very fast growing, at over 400 members in less than 2 months! Join us today!

Fazer novas amizades, papos variados, conversamos sobre tudo, servidor novo com constantes mudanças.

╭ ❛ . .overrcast ୨୧ 13-18+ only ♡ SFW !! ╰─➛ -`, 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐞 𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫! ꒱ -nitro giveaways @50 members - intros, selfies, pets (anime, memes, games) - colored roles , bots -booster perks , partnership , mod application - and soon to be more !!😼😼

Welcome To Bestgameryt's Fan server! Hello there, hope you're having a great day! This server's almost brand new and we'd like you to join. We want a great start and we'd accept

We are a Professional PUBGM Team Striving to be the best in the Scene. we are Competitively Focused. We compete in top tier Tournaments and leagues and Lots of Custom games. We Have An amazing staff team,Partnership opportunities, Custom roles,Fast-growin

We here at Crouch Potatoes are Gamers and PC hardware enthusiasts!

We are a growing community that focuses on allowing people around the world a place to connect, make friends and have a great time. We have multiple interactive bots and a friendly and fun environment.