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If you like funny people, anime and making friends (were silly lmao) you should join! Don't be afraid to speak either... say hello! ( must be 13+ because of discord rules)

A community for gaming and relaxing. Est. by a group of friends that are streamers and Youtubers! Come game with us and meme around.

just join i’m bored wanna meet new people also its active.

Share, play, discuss your creative ideas and more at SLASH HUB.

RO Community is a place for you and others to talk, play games together, and show off creations! Looking for active members! (Advertise and Partnership channels!)

| Read the long description|

No long talks, you need somewhere to get real live cc’s, fullz,drops etc? Join the party already 💳🤑💶💸

Ever want to be a cop or a civ doing crime or be Fire or EMS well in CVCRP you can be whatever you want! CVC is bringing the best rp experience across Xbox and Fivem!

Hey all, Overwatchians is an Overwatch LFG and community. Find some new people to play with or just talk and have some fun. Hope to talk to you soon!

HI there, ever wanted people to understand you and have fun? well with this server your dreams will come real! and the good thing is that is a new server! owner is always on! and its got a great verify system for any raids! join today!

Human sized and chill anime based discord server ! An entire channel dedicated to anime meme ! 200 cute/anime emotes ! 20 dedicated bots with fun commands ! Just try the hole discord server and see if you like it ! You're welcome at any time !

Deliquents • Chill community • Fishing bot • Music bot • Low Member Count • Gaming, Music, any hobbies accepted. • No overbearing rules • Boosted for high quality streaming and voice bitrate. • Organized server.

Welcome to Guacamole Game Corner! We hope you enjoy your stay here. This is a minigame server, where we have frequent games being hosted, such as Elevators, Mafia, Survivor, and much more! You can even choose to host your own game here!

A server for programmers who are interested in socializing with like-minded people. You can ask for coding help or help out others. Events such as coding competitions are hosted frequently.