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Hello! In this server you can meet new people play games and more! This is mostly MHA but anyone is welcome :)

If you're looking to make new friends, play games, have discussions or talk about anime, this is the server for you!!! We're still growing and are looking for more members and anyone is allowed to enter as long as you follow rules and you're not toxic.

hey, i'm very hot lol so join or ur not swag ‼️ i like anime or whateva πŸ˜• i just want hot friends so if ur not hot then don't join πŸ™„ jk ily pls join 🀀

Psychonaut Recovery is a group of people who use psychedelic as tools in our recovery. We are an empowerement based, peer-support, and self help program. Everyone is welcome.

Welcome to @TeamXyzer β€˜s Discord Server! ➽ What do we have? - Custom Matchmaking Scrims - Giveaways & good emotes - Looking for players channel - A leaderboard and exclusive roles for our tournament winners

Hermit Cove is a small community of people who come from various backgrounds. If your interested in spirituality or general occult, video games, or just want a small place to hang out and make news friends, then stop on in.

Wir sind ein deutscher Gamingclan. Wir bieten dir eine Community, die hilfsbereit, freundlich und humorfreudig ist. Ab und an sorgen Events oder gemeinsame Spieleabende ("Tafelrunden") fΓΌr einen engeren Zusammenhalt der Gemeinschaft.

If you're a highschool or just a college student wanting some guidance, then this server is for you.

Fraud,CCV, FullZ and methods

πŸŽ‰β”ƒCrackerZ is a Community made for crackers who crack accounts for good and bad! πŸŽ‰β”ƒWe provide Premium Accounts such as Netflix, Hulu and More! πŸŽ‰β”ƒ10+ Daily Giveaways πŸŽ‰β”ƒBest invite Rewards Possible! πŸŽ‰β”ƒWe are 100% Legit!

My Mom Said I cant get 100 Members on Discord

Hello, this server is basicaly just for therapy

This server is a community of English-speaking Mixology Enthusiasts, Novice Drinkers, Party Planners, Bartenders, and aspiring alcoholics alike! This place is a safe spot to learn, share, and build life skills that will impress lovers and friends alike.

DISCORD SERVER ALLIANCE BY PIRATES PLUNDER! πŸ† - We set up server alliances for Sea of Thieves, and ask if you want to help?