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Hi, this is the chill server. What we do on this server? We just chat and relax.

A kind, open, and supportive community for those battling issues with stimulants.

sin's lair is a layed back relaxed server with the best bots you can have! We have a wide variety of emotes 2! friendly staff and custom roles! so join today!

We are a casual and eclectic community for discussing politics and current events.

we_are_creating_a {    "fairly mined"    "permissionless"    "race free"    "open source" } programmable_cryptocurrency_that_has_a := (low barrier to entry)

Friendly chats, Something for Everyone, The community for you, have fun.

Under construction...

Our Server is to help the new streamers to grow

The Money Printer is the ultimate free education center for stock traders! We offer free tutorials for beginners, penny stock traders, and options traders along with free stock trade signals. Come make money with us!

This server is a clan specifically for Gamers who wanna have fun with other Gamers and chill and do whatever they want. We have among us, Minecraft(bedrock/java), Fortnite and other sections etc. Come on and join (look at long description)

Hello, I am Linkie! This is my roleplay server, where you just let your imagination take control!

The server where you can talk about anything related to gaming, tech, and drawing! You can play special games made by our bots!

Click this link to join the Mayhem's Awakening Discord, a partnership between Official Mayhem Gaming and Awakenbra, and become a part of an ever growing community of small streamers wishing to reach affiliate!

I have created a professional and formal VALORANT discord server for the sole purpose of becoming a vast but tight-knit community for all those who want to meet other players and find squads quickly and efficiently. We are brand new, only being a couple o

Vibez is a server where you can easily make friends, but it doesn't end here! We got chill members, a clean environment, accepting, few but cute emojis!

Meme Squad is a server based on memes and posting them in the chat. I love memes and want to share my hobby of making them with other people. My server is still new and I'm looking for suggestions.