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We do weekly giveaways and yes you heard right just invite 3 friends make a ticket and boom you will get a pet

Welcome to Internet Family! The ultimate server for all your chatting needs. Here at The Internet Family Discord Server we focus on making sure everyone has a friend to lean on and a place to vent to. β™‘οΈŽ Join us for an awesome time with your new friends.

We're a roleplay server solely based on Undertale. You can submit your own ocs or claim any other character from throughout the Undertale fandom that isn't already taken by someone. We are a very small server at the time of writing this, but over time, we

Zues Rewards Give nitro away to people for earning 3-50 invites or by boosting the server.

An active, friendly community for all nerds & gamers around the world!

Join the server to have a safe space to do work in! Meet other students who may have the same classes as you and get to working on those assignments!

Just a small group of people aiming for the stars. We play a multitude of games and are looking for Players and Management alike.

A chill server where you can do anything including gaming

A server for your mental health and well being.

Keep up to date on all the newest updates/patches to your favorite games, find friends from across the globe to play with, or just casually vibe out

Active 24/7 β˜† Emotes β˜† Friendly community β˜† Events β˜† Fun Bots β˜† Giveaways β˜† Anime β˜† Gaming β˜† Memes β˜† Gaming β˜† Nitro β˜†Giveawayβ˜†

This server is for all

Like I said in the other server this server is all the way to the top level the first 3 or 4 or 5 people to get there will get discord nitro and a free roll like I said a roll the staff