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Looking for an entertaining server? Well, join this one! We are trying to grow and we have a lot of fun opportunities to get cool roles and win fun events, joinnnnnn

Hello. This is a server you can make friends from other countries. The server is tied to language learning but you don't need to be interested into it to have fun I hope. Please give it a chance. Keep in mind the server is relatively new and inactive

Hey are you looking to meet new friends or talk about ANY topic. Well this is your place. Meet lots of people rn who would love to get to know everybody. IT IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS.

Hey! as you guys see my name as social jelly and thats me! I would love to welcome you to our discord server where you can, Find a group to play with, trades, making new friends, and playing games you wont experience in our vc! Our goal is to make sure ev

Zack's Community is a great place to hang out and meet new people!

If you're looking to make new friends, play games, have discussions or talk about anime, this is the server for you!!! We're still growing and are looking for more members and anyone is allowed to enter as long as you follow rules and you're not toxic.

Gaming Community, Emojis, Active.

Kingdom of the sun is just a fun server to be in, that I'm looking to grow, I wish there was more activity in here after all. We have bots that make sure chat stays clear all the way to bots that play music, and it makes it a good time.

Server Dedicated to: -Custom Games -Zombies -Teaming up in Modern Warfare -Boosting in those games if that's what your into Daily lobbies is the goal and all are welcome I have #Rules at the top when you join!

The Chunky Monkeys is a chill discord server with lots of opportunity to talk and play games with people from various community.

Fraud,CCV, FullZ and methods

🌩Welcome to Cloudz🌩 We are getting up and running as a community server. Everyone is invited to come and share what they love and help transform this server into something awesome! Come float with us.☁️ Code: VG4QmAy

Hello, My Name is Icy I’m the designer for IcyMidnight Designs. I customize many different types of fivem clothing I do make eups and I also can make a shirt or a hoodie come check out the discord for more information

A small server to chat and hangout with sone friends!

🌸 Come & Join Mimi's Kingdom! 🌸 🦋 We're a small semi active Discord server for mainly anime and gaming alike fans that hopes to slowly grow bigger and become more active. Our goal is to help animanga and gaming fans find each other and become friends

This is a server where you can do anything like ask tech questions read manga or watch anime or play games with new friends