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NIRVANA 18+ We're an 18+ server built from a group of friends aiming to make a community. Our server has a few different ways to interact and mingle, with potential connections for each possible opportunity.

NzT Gaming is made up of a variety of streamers and dedicated gamers alike. The idea behind this is to bring everyone's community together in a one stop shop discord. You will have the ability to completely fine tune your experience within this server.

P&A - Politics & Adventures This is a dice-based role-playing game. The game mechanics, the world(s), and almost everything is custom made; it's basic ability scores are the same as in the D&D 5e (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA) but everything else is diff

We are a small server for Leftists, but also making friends! we are here to support each other and oppose authoritarianism and fascism! what we have -channel for peaceful discussion -music bot -leftist resources -channel for creativity and more

Warzone tournament discord server

A sanctuary for the ladies, Let's make this the #1 Ladies only server. Here every night is ladies night. Small but growing. LGBT Friendly. Owner is Le$bean. Stoner Friendly. -Voice Verification

Chill out A friendly server to discuss or just chill the chat. Growing community with no toxicity tolerated. Feel free to talk about anything here :D

A place to chat and read together about anything and everything. You can read independently or ask someone to read something with you. Basically an informal bookclub

New fun server for my YouTube channel join it’s fun and you can dm me for a shout out vid

Welcome to ʚ conflict ɞ!! An open and fun community where everyone can make friends. We hope you have a great time here! β™‘

Mitko YT is a family friendly server with a lot of bots

A server a friends that stream on Twitch. We're a little on the "edgy" side but stay ToS safe please.

Welcome to Our Server! Hopefully You can Stay with Us. Glad you can Make it Here in this Pleasant Day

this a fun server and we will have a big community and we would love for you to join we are also kid friendly

We support LGBTQ+, all genders and races, and sexualitys! Come join us!