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Check out smol beans club if you're looking for new friends who might have the same game interests as you do! We have game nights, movie nights and other events every now and then and enjoy getting to know new members!

This server was solely made for gaming and chilling.

Munchies is a virtual gathering of Kinksters. Come enjoy this whacky server, where you can meet and talk to people from around the world. Choose from several roles upon entry (Dom / sub / Switch etc.) and hang out with fellow Kinksters.

Hey there! We are coders alike! We are rapidly growing. We are chill laid back and fun. We also can help with anything tech related. Stop by for some fun!

💜 Hangout 💜 A fun server to make new friends with everyone! 💜 Frequent events 💜 In need of active people 💜 chats and vc’s 💜 Fun bots, great channels 💜

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This is a place to meet new people and talk about a massive variety of topics (including NSFW too)! We are building a community here, we really hope that you will be a part of our community!

Welcome to our server!!! 1.In this server we have the general + giveaways and more 2.We make a lot of games like cookie clicker 3.Everyone's love music!Well we have music too!! 4.You can share your discord team/server on partners!! 5.And more!!!

Community of cool fun people from ages 15-25+. Lots of bots and always an active chat and VC! We also game together!

Meet new people and discuss about your interests. Mainly anime-focused server. Gaming chats, Japan-related channels, and events. Get some pocky and have fun!

Play games, hangout, meet new people

We are a Community for you to hangout, chat, make new friends, get help with programming (code), or share your knowledge with us. You can talk and learn about new technology, or tell us to add your bot for testing or participate in events or just have fun

We Have Players Across The World So Chances Are Good That You’ll Always Have Someone To Play With. We Have An Active Staff And Community. Anyone Interested In Joining Just Needs To Head To Our Discord. Joining Comes With A Nice Little Starting Bonus!

Epic Minecraft smp for Java and bedrock, Crash prizes too

Grand fleet is a discord server based on king piece, blox fruit and GPO also, Grand fleet is a server that has an active community that is very helpful. This server is also based on anime and games on roblox.

Welcome to the community discord of The StrongHold !! Here you will find all the possibilities and fun we have to offer. from bookworms to artists, streamers to casual players we offer a home and place for everyone !!