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This server was created for gamers to chill and hang out, and also you can meet and or make new friends here and do much more we hope you have a new and fun experience!

๐ŸŒŸThis is Mango hub:mango: our advertising server is different from others because we are also ๐ŸŒŸhelping people by gathering links of as much as possible other advertisement servers ๐ŸŒŸwithout partnership. And you may dm advertise

+++Hoshido Kingdom:Dark Ages Roleplay+++ This is a Kingdom That was Founded During A Peaceful Age That Peaceful was broken when Demon killed the Very First King and Queen That Founded Hoshido Kingdom The Kingdoms People Have Been at War for years.

(Ages 14-19) Introduce yourself, then you can chat regularly, post your favourite music, discuss games, films, anime and meet many people who share the same hobbies as you!

Whether you are a new fan of Alice in Chains or a diehard fan you are welcome!

This server is a great addition to your server list!

Una Comunidad Pequeรฑa Que pronto Sera Grande!

Ein Server um einfach ein wenig zum quatschen schreiben oder auch zocken. Wir freuen uns auf jegliche Mitglieder die nett und tolerant sind. Der Server ist noch ganz frisch und im Aufbau hilf dabei ihn aufzubauen:)

The Lounge is a place for people to exchange ideas, music and discover new artists. A place for artists, musicians and creatives to link.

chill server to become friends with one another <3 no toxicity!!

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This discord server is dedicated to SEO, all about SEO you can find case studies and tools and everything you need to an seo expert.

We host minecraft events + we have our minecraft network with game modes.

an epic server, just chat and hangout!

HI, our server theme is... L- Lo-Fi A- Anime G- Gaming Just wanted to create a server for those three things. Everyone is chill, nice, and not judgemental. Feel free to join!

A small server we are. It was created sometime in February of 2021 and we're looking for members to get this server up and running. Despite its size, it is a warm place for one to feel welcome. แŸšโ Momo