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A gaming server all about vibing and chatting (and music) come and join us, a very fun and friendly community!

This Is A Server Of Ak47IsMe_Yt With Legit GiveAways! Drops! And Invite Rewards!

new growing server! very little rules, chill owners, and cute layout. inv ur friends and join rn

Keep up to date on all the newest updates/patches to your favorite games, find friends from across the globe to play with, or just casually vibe out

!!!a new server so its a work in progress!!! swag people join

CloudliteMC is a brand new Minecraft 1.16 server looking to release its first 100% fully custom OP Skyblock server! We plan to release in early 2021 and anyone who is in our discord before official release will receive a FREE donor rank for joining!

Got a cum fetish? then this is the right place for you!

In this non-toxic community, we strive to make everyone comfortable and feel at home! Together, we can help each other’s collections grow. Our mods will let people know about restocks, pickups, and future Squishmallows!

An organized advertising server.

MBTI FR est un serveur dédié au test de personnalité MBTI, basé sur les travaux du psychiatre suisse Carl G. Jung, ainsi qu'à d'autres modèles de types psychologiques tels que l'ennéagramme, la socionique, etc. Rejoignez-nous !

This server is for all

Hi! Welcome to the LFC Fan base discord server! Express your opinions and share news with other L.F.C fans, we post daily about the latest LFC updates (transfer rumours, news, injuries etc.) so come join us!

Buongiorno! This is a Your Bizarre Adventure based server. Here, me and the Co-Owner will post YBA Videos weekly. The server also welcomes people that just want to discuss the overall topic of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Have fun!

Friendly community, music bots, vcs.

The Ducke Lands is a friendly active community with frequent events and giveaways, centred around a ducky theme and our server lore.