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a new server made for tech support, tech purchase advice, gaming and tech discussions in general Join us today😊

Welcome to Among Us Gaming, a chill way to meet new friends, play Among Us and become involved in a new and ever-growing community!

Role play as a wizard and make friends

Sindicato dos Weebs Γ© um grupo de weebs cansados em busca de criar uma grande comunidade para ajudar nossos amigos e futuros amigos.

Welcome to the Grimm troupe! This is a hollow knight rp/talk server but we are not just limited to hollow knight we have other fandoms like fnaf undertake and more! Hope you have fun on the server!

It is a small Discord Server that also has a Minecraft Server.

We play among us, yes.

A server for discussing SCP related things like document readings

A safe place to hangout

A brand new server, 13+, AOT-themed, and just a place to chill, make new friends, and possibly play games. Join up, we will be active!

The Clown Cult is a πŸ’–datingπŸ’– server for teens, clowns, and anybody who likes to have a good time. There are egirls, eboys, and active channels to chat in. πŸ’‹

We are a friendly and no toxic community for hh rifts, or just for fun in general! Invite link: https://discord.gg/G2ZVFCmTTs

Just a place for Smash Bros players of all kind to come together, find match ups, and just talk about whatever. The real Smash Bros is the friends we made along the way:)

Gamers Unite is a server for gamers alike. At the moment, it is mostly directed to Fortnite STW but we are look to grow.

Welcome to Jikkur's Playground, my personal hangout and showcase Discord. By day, I run a Full-Stack Digital Agency specializing in Business Management and Content Production.