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Euphicah's Cottage server icon
Euphicah's Cottage

If you want to join a server with a welcoming community, join Euphicah's Cottage! We can play games, listen to music, or just hang out!

Euphicah's Cottage 42 members Join
Hallowcastz server icon

-Join if you play roblox, fortnite, minecraft, genshin impact(etc.) -Join if you like anime/manga -join if you just wanna talk Everyone is allowed in this server just dont be weird

Hallowcastz 8 members Join
Wumpus Simps server icon
Wumpus Simps

Hi! We're a small discord community called "Wumpus Simps" (Ye, we simp for Wumpus). We talk about anything in live and we're a really healthy community. Every member is gold to us!

Wumpus Simps 26 members Join
Darkstargg1 server icon

Helping other in games and getting aware when Darkstargg1 video are out. The Darkstargg1 videos will not come out until the sometime at the last of January and the cause is the discord server is being worked on so it will have the best quality.

Darkstargg1 7 members Join
Cs:Go club. server icon
Cs:Go club.

We are a very small chill CS:GO community almost always ready to talk and play all skill levels are welcome and you don't need to play csgo to get on this server we are very happy to chat and chill as long as you follow the rules!

Cs:Go club. 19 members Join
˗ˋˏ°• K-Pop Cafe •°ˎˊ˗ server icon
˗ˋˏ°• K-Pop Cafe •°ˎˊ˗

Welcome to the K-pop Cafe! we are a chill pretty non toxic kpop server that is very accepting of everyone.We have multiple different fandoms here and talk about many kpop related things. We have very kind mods who will help you Come and join

˗ˋˏ°• K-Pop Cafe •°ˎˊ˗ 20 members Join
pee pee server icon
pee pee

pee pee We are pretty chill people so join if you want to We like anime (NO SPOLERS), kdrama, kpop and different games like: -Genshin Impact -Minecraft -Roblox -Fortnite -Yandere Simulator -Osu join us >:(

pee pee 16 members Join
Nickivvior server icon

Nickivivor is a survivor discord org owned by JJ,Louis,Dylan. We just started this server so our first goal is to gain members! Please invite your friends and check us out!

Nickivvior 14 members Join
Stack Hub server icon
Stack Hub

Get video or voice call based programming help on this server! If you're struggling with a bug and tired of looking through online resources, ask someone experienced here :)

Stack Hub 8 members Join
Chelsea Football club server icon
Chelsea Football club

If you love football and support Chelsea. This is the place to be!! We are doing watch alongs/ we talk about transfer new, and more.

Chelsea Football club 29 members Join
potatcord server icon

fun people, musicians, looking for mods.

potatcord 111 members Join
Inside the Lab [Pokemeow][Mudae] server icon
Inside the Lab [Pokemeow][Mudae]

【Inside the lab】 Our community is growing strong with over 50+ members 【】 Out bots: -Pokemeow -Mudae -Dank Memer 【】 We have VC nights and offer stream advertising also in our discord! Join now!

Inside the Lab [Pokemeow][Mudae] 59 members Join
rice cooker. server icon
rice cooker.

everyone is accepted and we're all super chill and friendly :)

rice cooker. 462 members Join
RiahGurlNinja Community server icon
RiahGurlNinja Community

Hey everyone! my name is Mariah. im a twitch streamer! Unfortunately a couple weeks ago my computer crashed on me so i had to get it fixed. Im getting back into the scheme of things and would love to know you and have you apart of my community!

RiahGurlNinja Community 14 members Join
OverridesMc's Discord Server! server icon
OverridesMc's Discord Server!

A server about minecraft , its running by the youtuber OverrideMc!

OverridesMc's Discord Server! 293 members Join
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