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Hey all, my name is Burly and I have started a community to help each other out in Escape from Tarkov. New or Experienced and need help? Just want to squad up with new people? Want to get rewarded for just being on the server? Well come on in!

Naš disscord: discord.gg/5sxH3ATwUV Naš youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCsn1sneOy7WAUsg_OqhW2PA Naša stranica: facebook.com/dodtajga

Premium Music Bots 24/7 Running Music Friendly Members 24/7 Support Monthly Giveaways

Here u can join and well accept anything, if ur racist, gay or anything at all. There are no limits. You do you and as long as you don't be rude to another you wont get banned XD

Come join the Watermelon Army, a rank-based server where you can talk with friends, chat in voice chats, and use custom commands like ?salute!

this is a Velocity Networks based drifting server that always wanting to expand. *we accept you via a trial recruitment into the team*

A fun hang out for baby witches to grow and learn together. All witches and wonderers are welcome!

In The Moshpit, we listen to rock/metal, we talk about it, and talk about our favorite music! We hope you enjoy it here!

A social server for AoT / SnK fans. *Custom Emojis *Level 1 boosted *Discussion Encouraged *Separate Debate channels *Delicious memes *Hyper Trees

Looking for a place to interact & have fun with your friends? VIVALICIOUS is all about RolePlay, Dating, Memes, Anime and MORE! Join us TODAY, Make new Friends and Have Fun! Get social and interact with different people all around the world.

The safest, coolest free-form server on Discord!

Multi-purpose server, love meeting new people and always up for suggestions

You, UPSTANDING CITIZEN, have been transported into a world beyond your wildest dreams! The rigid yet hopeful CITADEL you’ve lived in is now gone into the dusts of your past, and all that remains is your little home along with a few other knicknacks.

Slightly modded 2x server with a loot balance not too rewarding yet not so dissapointing. | 5 Man

We are a community, clan, server, and a place to just Chill. We play a variety of games including io games such as Vanis, Tricksplit, 1v1.lol, and Agar. We also play games for those console users such as Fortnite, Rocket League, Rainbow six, and Cod.

Dev Club is a place where devs hang out and can show of their work as well as hire people or get hired. You can also make new friends. Join Today! :D