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It's a community based server on various channels and bots.

Basically just talk and chill. Make some friends. Gaming like Pokémon, Minecraft, Zelda etc. Y’all welcome. We want to make new friends 😎. Also when you join wait a bit, someone will give you the role so you can talk!

Hey welcome to the Gaming Den this is a place where anyone gamer is welcome, whether you've only just started gaming or have been gaming for years. Either way this is the place for you.

a small a chill place to do SFW or NSFW roleplays with your own original character. The server includes memes, art, and monthly events!

Hello, we are friendly community that is mainly based on the Art and Designs, so if you are an Artist or the Designer, hop in! Fun just started and it's not cool without you :) Share your work here and we will tell you what do we think of it!

Cyberloves is a friendly community we have tons of emotes, channels, and voice chats to pick from. We host game nights, we are also a fairy themed kpop/anime server!

Call of Duty Cold War Modded Lobbies

The Drumfire01 Community Server is for people of all ages to come hang out and have fun.

A youtube server that is welcome for everyone to watch and enjoy monthly to weekly uploads. Each subscriber and discord joiner helps make another video. Please be kind to the server staff and server members. Enjoy and have fun!

Under construction...

Under construction...

idk its for chatting and gaming

Har du lyst til å lære om krypto, aksjer, forex og hvordan oppnå finansiell frihet? I denne discorden er temaene akkurat det, kos dere!

A safe, helpful, and hospitable art server intended to help people grow and in turn help others grow along with them.

The Duck pond is a super friendly and welcoming community! We like to hang around and have fun.