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Hey, Looking for a friendly server to hangout with friends. Well look no further than Felix's Community! Any age is welcome, we do not condone toxicity, we are all about having fun and we are all friendly people.

a chill server for people to get away from the negativity on discord and else.

A community that likes Hypixel skyblock and DreMan Gaming content

Hello all this server is very fun!!!

Arise ye who refuse to be slaves, Chinese men, join Xi Jinpooh and friends on a conquest to make China the greatest place on earth! -Friendly Community ==-C H I N A ==-Prison for those who disobey! =--Communism. What is there to lose here? Join in!

This is AbiGaming8036's chill discord server! It has video updates and such for Abi's YouTube channel! And it also has loads of fun bots to keep you entertained and awesome people you can talk to!

chill community for my yt channel

This is the official server for the Randomizer mod! Randomizer is a Minecraft mod with over 15k downloads that randomizes every block broken, including modded blocks and items! Join the discord to report bugs, suggest features, or just chat!

L0RDS SMP is a small server to come chill and make friends.

I am a smaller gamer and this is my small server.

NSFW server that is filled with weirdos and memes :) ((((VERY NEW))))

hi this is a server about my yt channel called KidNico! I have a channel around 110 right now and you could be my next 1! I love playing Minecraft too! So consider joining KidNicos YT Discord server

just a casual discord i set up today to make friends :) we can play minecraft together on my server and make cute houses and stuff! plenty of space open for mods and admins as well hahah no strict rules !! 15+ !!

Suomi pelikanava joka on aika uusi liity ihmeessä tähän kanavaan ja tule juttelemaan ja pelailee :)

A place to have fun taking game design seriously!

Just a pure bible study on the surface but nothing but sin and lust underneath the holy shell