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Chat Paradise is a server for chill chat and fun times.

This server is a fun little server with many bits and an active community. We currently have staff applications open too!

lets play with us this is new server you can join

A place for piracy, gaming, technology, and being an idiot!

this is a nice and friendly community for new people to meet others

Memers is a cute, fun, sfw anime server where you can hang out with your friends! We have very good mods and we would love for you to come on in!

Сервер для игр

Deutscher Server mit stetigem Community Anwachs, Mudae, Karuta und andere diverse Minigames. Wir warten auch euch :)

Homeworld, political fights! Anime! And debates... Psst Iran over Iraq and fell israel ha ha.. Join us now and be gae

The Legend is alive, SubSeven 1.0.7 is out now ready for download.

chil cool roles a lot of bots custom commands

An Server, where you can get gift cards just for inviting people!

seatraders are nice fish and here we talk about memes and games if u want u can talk about every thing

This server is for anyone who wants to find friends or just chat! There are separate VCs for Minecraft and Among Us. The server is aiming to be a big community and a place where you can feel welcomed.