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*✧・゚:* A server for Anime lovers, Manga readers and Gamers. *✧・゚:* We are not toxic and are trying to build a fun community. *✧・゚:* We have a lot of things to do here, bots to use and channels to talk in.

we just want cool ppl to talk to lol minors only!!! we like to play minecraft

Hey, saw you trading. Wanted to invite you to another chat. They have a mobile app/website for darkpool and options flow. Plus, they are always live so it really helped me learn. if you join their free trial using my code I get one month free. Thanks :)

A community for fellow gamers, streamers, or other tech nerds.

We make Mario ROM hacks on Excellent Team! We inspire creativity but please focus on the theme we are working on.

A multilingual server which caters to various different types of internet peoples; gamers, artists, content creators, musicians, comedians, lurkers, shitposters, ect.

12-18 please !! this is a fun and friendly community. most of us are fans of gaming and anime !! any genders :)

we are a small community that wants more people

Master's Foster Care for the Banned/Kicked/Disliked. Welcome, we hope to see you there! Come join us in helping others who are either banned/kicked/or dislike/are disliked in other official servers. If you aren't satisfied, you may leave.

1 dont violated discord tos 2 no nsfw 3 dont spam 4 dont be stinker 5 only self promo in # garbage

Server dedicated to East Atlanta rapper Young Nudy. Join the server to keep up with all Nudy news and to conversate with other fellow slimeballs!

Welcome To Nexus Clan We Are The Official Clan Of The Popular Youtuber Riverrain123 He Has 40K Subs On YouTube http://www.youtube.com/riverrain123

For Gaming News,Leaks,Promotions,Fun With Bots And Everything You Want

Do you read webtoons and read GoH or heard of it? Then join our new server for God of High School!

A set of communities brought together via the Internet networks in order to discuss games and such. It is often found that any one of these communities can be found torn up, arguing on whether one game is better than the other, or arguing whether consoles

A Discord community for males who are looking for new friends, people to talk to, play games and spend time with. We are about 40 people at the moment and are planing some events.