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A safe space for NO-MAPs and allies to relax and let loss.

Head over the the BADLANDS Cafe ☁ Enjoy using the Mudae bot to roll your favorite characters ☁ Everyone 18+ is welcome here! Play games, have fun and chill at the BADLANDS Cafe ☁ Custom Roles for Server Boosters!

This is a gaming server for free money drops in gta 5 online. Its an active server and everyone is always online and ready to help just join if you want 100% free money drops and if you like it stay for always and be the biggest pro on gta 5 online.

This server is just for chilling an making friends :). Come here if you’re bored and want to talk to people.

We are growing community and you can talk about and do anything here. We have colour roles and a lot more and the owner is open to suggestions and he is very active as well so you may get a welcome by him.

Its a discord server for people to hang out and have a good time (The Discord Is New).

Make yourself at home in my garden! You are here because you are either a fan of my Twitch streams or you're one of my friends. ✿✹ᴗ〜

Mia's bot support server. Mia is a really cool bot you can use to make your server active and fun, it also have a leveling system and this server we give updates, rewards, giveaways and cool staff team.

This is a server based on community!

Plz help us grow and become an active server, must be 15 and up!

A small gaming community that needs more members. We do computer talks. All sorts of games. Willing to help with Twitch streaming stuff.

Hello and welcome to Your Local Hangout! Your Local Hangout is a place that accepts all no matter your race,gender,ethnicity,sexuality and is a place where you can make new friends! This server is still under a tiny bit of development, but enjoy!


Just a small server that offers free coffee and Cookies!. Gamble here, Fish and Grow your money/bank account. ROLEPLAY. Please we desperately just need friends.

small female streamer trying to gain a platform