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─ ♡ POTATO CITY ༉‧₊˚✧ ↷ Perks ! ♡┊We allow cussing but don’t go overboard ♡┊Game nights ♡┊Therapy sessions ♡┊Karaoke hosting ♡┊Lots of bots to use ♡┊And more ♡┊Come join us !

SynCity is all about the community SynCity is filled with different areas/roles for anyone of any kind or interest Filled w/ tons of channels and category's for all!

This is a chill community where you can talk to people, make new friends and just vibe with others! :)

Daily Watchlist, Alerts ALL day, Live Scanners, Teaching and MORE! Stocks, Options, Crypto, and the BEST trading family.

OUR MUSE Is a newly started community for all artists. yes, ALL artists. Video editors, performance artists, graphic designers, EVERYONE. The aim of this community is for everyone to collaborate, learn and grow together.

✧☾.·:·.* A Supportive Community! *.·:·.☽✧

Venoms is a chill, non-toxic discord server where you can basically just talk about your hobbies game with people, and receive giveaways, all within few rules.

Here at Nisei Lounge we have lots of players that come from Valorant but also play many other games. Come here to find friendly teammates but also talk about anything related to Valorant! We host 10 mans, and in house tournaments.

awesome server and we vc

Small but friendly Fifa trading server. If you don't want to buy FIFA points, trading is the way for you. Join us with one click and become a part of the team.

A new fledgling community dedicated to all things gaming! Dedicated channels to specific genres, guild & clan recruitment channels, LFG, events & giveaways (in the future)!

Xbox one, Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay server! Everyone welcome!

This is a roleplay server that has the option of being a Kingdom Hearts, The World Ends With You, or any Final Fantasy Franchise character. There are different roleplays to choose from.

========================================= Server de sobolani. E la inceput Avem grade pentru primii membrii Admin online 24/7 Va asteptam cu drag. !!! Cautam si Moderatori !!! =========================================