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A OneUX é uma comunidade focada em programação! Aqui você pode tirar suas dúvidas, pedir opiniões e aprender de verdade. Venha conferir!

we are a bunch of humans that talk and chill and like naruto.

Join this server to get free robux in exchange for invites!

phantom ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ♟️anime/manga server ♟️ sfw server ♟️ lgbtq+ friendly ♟️ self-roles ♟️ colors ♟️ character roles! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ will be doing partnerships soon!

This is a server used for revision and socialising purposes!

The name isn’t serious lol. This server has only been made recently so we are improving it on the daily + we are open to suggestions :)) We have Nsfw channels and also other channels to talk about anime, gaming or even just to chat about anything.

Phoenix is a new 18+ (verification optional) server for people to come in and hang out. We have different channels for different vcs, an active vc and friendly staff. Come in if you want to just be able to hang out without worrying about toxic shit!

Hey do you wanna join a fun server with lots of fun bots, friendly community, safe places to vent, good moderation and just a safe space for you to be yourself well here join if you'd like

a friendly server to join with your friends, everyone is welcome!!

A very social and friendly community server for everyone of different races, genders, and sexualities.

Join or else butter dog will die... :(

Chill, games, hangout

¡Comunidad en Español para Osomatsu y los mangas de Fujio Akatsuka! Comparte tus conocimientos con todos, fanarts y mucho más que eso.

┇pink **what we offer: ** ➜ symbols ➜ pngs ➜ nice staff ➜ borders ➜ emotes **why should you join?!** ➜ we're trying to grow our family ➜ hiring staff and PMs ➜ we're kind **ෆ come join us ✦⌒⌒﹒‹𝟹 !﹒ ♡︎੭𓈒 ★﹕☆ **

Come hang out with us at Bunny Lounge!

Welcome to Otaku Haven 👺! We are an upcoming, small, growing community that loves anime and manga! You can speak about your favourite animes and mangas while also meeting new people here! Please support our server by atleast checking it out!