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A SAFE CHILL SPACE FOR ALL, mainly for anime fans but we have spaces for gamers, cosplayers, artists, fursona creators etc. we support Lgbtq+ and donโ€™t tollerate any racism or hate speech here towards people of color or same sex oriented people.

Join if you tryna make a friend group and chill

Join or else butter dog will die... :(

We are edgy, some of us try not to be racist. Please follow the rules.

Title says all, Five Channels and Five Rules, totally normal server (I think) join if you want.

This Discord Server aims for gaming community!

A place where queer teens can chat and have fun.

this server has, gacha club users, dream smp fans, and weebs. we welcome other fandoms such as, furries, animators, and more.

SPILL IT! Like the name says- Choose your role here and go on and join the party in each category. Share your achievements. Your likes, your dreams, your quirky, funny, or serious side.

Join Morioh Cho to find epic people

Just a loving server for friends and fun

Join if you're real, BTW you're a complete dumbass if you think the election isn't rigged. It's just pretty ironic of you to call the 2016 election rigged but now you're saying elections can't be rigged. Is it not rigged only when it's in favor of you?

This is Server where anyone can stream anything as long as it follows the rules. We also Stream Movies,T.V Shows, and more!!! Come over to the Walk-In-Theater and enjoy tour stay.

A 13+ Magical Warriors AU. Semi-traditional and Semi-literate. Can you withstand a gods wrath?

Come hang out with us at Bunny Lounge!

Welcome to Otaku Haven ๐Ÿ‘บ! We are an upcoming, small, growing community that loves anime and manga! You can speak about your favourite animes and mangas while also meeting new people here! Please support our server by atleast checking it out!