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A Club Penguin Private server dedicated to creativity and community, we welcome you with open flippers! We are currently giving away one month of Nitro so definitely check us out!

Here you can join Sven and his awesome adventures!

A undertale fan server! A lot of shipping goes down here-

A ddlg school role play place where you can make friends, find love, do school work and play in the playgrounds. (It is still currently WIP- Dorms being added soon) It’s still a small server so if it’s quier let’s change that. :)

Wrong server for peasants

A server to chill at. Also, White Tea is good for you. ☕️

14-18 teen hangout come hangout have fun make friends

Zelint is a lively discord server which brings many things to the table! We have a huge variety of games to meet others on and discuss, geek out with others! With great members and a very friendly staff, Zelint is the place for you!

Hello everyone, , we would like to explain the dynamics of pumping in order for our members to understand clearly how we manage to pump DATA to 70% and to be better prepared for the next pump.

Welcome to a class based fighting game on ROBLOX.

Azul's Realm is a community bot server. Azul is an RPG bot that is in progress of becoming public for any discord server. Azul currently has an RPG styled currency system, different types of raffles, 1 click shops with items and an inventory!

A community of CSGO players with lobbies & players playing prime, non prime & other game modes.

Art dedicated server with tons of different Categories for all kinds of art! Ex. 3D modeling, crafting, sculping, drawing, writing...

Programming Space is server about programming. Ask, answer questions and talk about programming. Programming Space contains assignable colour roles, language roles and has active community. We are looking for programmers and developers of any sort.