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Hexen / Witches, Heiden/Pagans, Magie/Magick , german witchcraft community

🏆Gaming & Entertainment 🌐| Competitive Based Esports Establishment 👤 Server Boost Now🙏New Server

This server is made to meet new people and to be able to interact with them!

If you like Black Clover and also enjoy Roblox, this server would provide you with what you need. The best Black Clover game to come to Roblox!

We are a new FiveM server! We have white listed jobs and are hiring on said jobs! Feel free to come check us out and stay for awhile. Civs are not whitelisted. We are menu and economy based.

Hello, and welcome to The Anti-Swag Corporation. We are a small community of friends for people who want to just come hang out and meet some new people and maybe play some games. We’re pretty chill and accepting to everyone. Here is what we have to offer:

A new server mainly around forza with daily photo and car of the week compititions

COMMUNITY Giveaways Invite Rewards Comps And more!! Join our server to win “Instant Claims” And other awesome Giveaways, Our server has Great quality Currently at 50 Boosts!! Game nights Are installed any concerns

This is a new server so we don’t have Many people But we play horror games Have horror Roblox groups Make clothing,games And More! We are Not the strict kind of server So U can Settle in!🎪🎡

Where gamers come to meet other gamers!

Here we game and talk! We have lots of channels. We have lots of bots also such as Dank Memer, Mee6, OWO bot and more. Hope to see you there.

Join our NSFW server for Genshin Impact ERP!

☆Castro Star’s Anime Club☆ This server is for anime and manga lovers who want to meet other anime and manga lovers. Join and meet all kinds of weebs! We have many bots for games, music, etc. We also have a friendly staff! Come and join us!