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NEED A FRIENDLY TOXIC-FREE GAMING SERVER?!?! well, EverythingGamers is the one for you😌 we got lots of games and we’re still adding more! minecraft, roblox, among us, csgo, rusk, ark and fortnite!!!

Alanaxus, a hentai-anime-porn-gaming server for all your NSFW needs! 50+ members already! ---- https://discord.gg/JAkQYEm

🌱Just a community where we show all our love for Korean based music.

A very active fandom server all about the Fate series! Come join us for fun community conversations and new friends!

°•.Welcome! We are the Female Gaming Community We are a community that accepts all types of gamers. We have a friendly community and not only gamers everyone (Female Only) is welcomed in the server.

Hi!! We are a very close knit community that plays lots of games, chills, talks and has lots of fun together. We provide lots of services such as autoroles, moderation, movie nights and games nights. Or we can just watch the sunset over some nice coffee!!

Welcome to The People Of Deku! What do we have to offer? ✅| A nice community! ✅| Perks when boosting the server! ✅| 30+ roles! Come and join! we still need more active people!

Want to Join a "chill" server that is actually chill? This is The Spot! A place to express yourself amongst quality members without the toxicity and madness of mega server chats. Meet The Best people, and find The Spot you been looking for. Join Now!

Free for anyone to join as long as they luvvvvvvvv music!!!!!! This server is where people ranging from professional musicians to music lovers get to chat about music related matters! Please join this server to benefit more about music in the long term!

Ever wondered what would happen if you activated the first layer of hell but added all your favorite BSD characters? Us. We happened.

This Server Is All About Hosting Game Nights And Hanging Out.

A meme server, yeah, and it needs more members, a meme server on the toilet papers and other memes!

✧ ✰ 。 w e l c o m e t o n e v e r l a n d ✧ ✰ 。

https://discord.gg/Bb7RcN FrexchMxn's land :heart: -play games togther or look for people to play with :heart: -small server :heart: -nice staff :heart: -lgbtq friendly :heart: -trying to get active

Hi there I'm creating a new chess server for all chess based activities Please join and support Thank you so much

Keeping crazy furs isolated from society. An asylum themed furry rp & erp server.