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Lonely? Need a friend? Hop into our server and explore a kinky surprise with like-minded people. However, you must be 18 or above to view the contents!

A chill server that we use for general chatting and games! Come Join!

This server is for anyone whose genuinely intrigued in an all-rounded community based on common or uncommon values and differing opinions, this community aims to bring gamers, debaters and spectators into the playing field.

A server for all fans of the rhythm anime gacha game, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Please join our server and check us out we need more members :))

Just chat about things and talk on the voice calls.

Naruto community with cosplayers and drawers.

Brand new Pokémon themed roleplay server for those interested in roleplaying in a fun, safe, non-toxic community. We are an 18+ community (sfw and nsfw) that aims to connect adults in a easy-going environment. ***Canon characters, Pokémon, and original ch

If your a fan of the Mangaka because of his highly detailed art or the way his stories generally end up grim then you've come to the right place.

A Server Where Any Guy Can Become My Simp And Worship Me uwu ❤ (This Is A Selling Server, Meaning It's p2p.) I want you to cum for me daddy ❤

A music production community focusing on the Modern Pop side of EDM :)

Official Community of the series "Mario and Faded's Pog Adventures".

Join our NSFW server for Genshin Impact ERP!

I really wanna host a server to see people that i can share my games with and play with them

Your Place to Hangout and Have fun. We play a lot of cool in-games and we have a very friendly community.We also have rules and regulations set in place and moderators as well ! We have levelling systems as well ! We also have self promo channels :p

Official Discord for Epidem7c.