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A new community looking for Valorant players of all ranks to help each other climb in ranked! Rather than solo queue, find a group of 5 you want to play with!

a server made for weebs ✨🍭🍧

|Elysium| Anime🌸 Gaming🎮 Memes🤣 Events📅 Social💬 Minigames🎲 Level Roles | Gated NSFW Section | No @eveyone | Partnership Program

🏙City of Discord🏙 ================================ The City of Discord is a non-toxic, city themed server for people to chill, make friends, and chat about random stuff. 😊 ================================

We are a friendly, active Splatoon Server for Splatoon 1, 2 and 3. We do Nitro Giveaways and Customfests once a month.

A friendly and active League of legends server where we make our own fun event's, such as "Follow the king", hide and seek and "Dodge ball".


Royalty is a fun chat where you can post memes, stream, talk in voice chat, use bots and make new friends!

Join or else butter dog will die... :(

Do you do drugs? play csgo rust among us? perfect COME ERE! Yo my slime I know you really dont know mandem like dat but i was wondering if i could purchase smth styl fam just a bit of grub my drilla!

So basically its just a server where we do anything we really want. EXCEPT ACT LIKE A HORNY VIRGIN !!! like you can be horny and stuff but don't make it your whole personality.

Server de developers portugueses. Neste server podes discutir sobre linguagens de programação, ferramentas e arquitectura.

New interesting server join and chat with others join to help it grow and become a active server :)

We are an Among Us Server based in Southern Africa however, we do welcome all other countries.

yes, free robux. ;) just be active, get roles/pings, and invite your friends/family. this way you can get more invites and more luck on future giveaways!

just a fun server to relax and use bots and interact with members