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Gaming Kingdom is a bot grinding and community server for discord users. You can grind bots, talk with other users, laugh with others at memes and ask your questions here. Our goal is to reach 100 members! Please join and stay!

Plz join it and say it's from an exploit allowing you guys to join cause I wanna troll them.

'β€’.ΒΈβ™‘ 𝐚𝐩𝐫𝐒𝐜𝐒𝐭𝐲 β™‘ΒΈ.β€’' server is a 13+ slowly growing server made specially to make friends and simply to just have fun, this server consists of many channels such as memes, music, spam, gaming etc and we will love for you to join us! <3

We are a small community that has a Minecraft server and working on getting more! We also discuss other games and are looking for the management staff! We are very friendly and are continuously improving!

Join our server; here people can talk play with bots and MORE!!!

A server where you can chill and talk to other weebs. Join today to get reccomendations on anime and manga!

language/lenguage ES es Es un server de minecraft bedrock survival donde podras hablar con mas personas y haremas esta muy bien configurado para que te diviertas aqui espero que te guste y tambien invites a mas amigos

⭐⭐Love stock trading? come join a community of stock traders no alerts just day traders.⭐⭐

Marvel: Originals is a roleplay server where you get to collaborate with other roleplayers from across the globe to create stories within this marvel universe.

002 discord server


We are currently a low Server and a non active server i want to atleast make it to 300 people to make it something i will be passing out mod and co owner to the first 3 who join of this website <3

A friendly community programming server with lots of members to help you with whatever your coding needs are, as well as a great community in general!

Community for all tekken fans. Let's play this game online with us. We have all the instructions.

Just a chill gaming server where you can find teammates and have a good time! We accept partnerships aswell.