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Datgang = MEMES

Small server mainly focused around call of duty. Looking for people to join and possibly que up with. Competitve and casual based, SNIPERS/TRICKSHOTTERS WELCOMED!

onlyfans leaks

Gaming Discord for semi serious players of all and any games. great community of friends who love to play with each other.

Politics and mental health! Free speech. Chill people. You can fight and argue but be respectful. 18+

Gaming, Optimization, Fun, Tech, Tweaking

Roleplay as anything you like in Anime City! We have nice staff, and joining us helps grow a small community to greater heights. If you enjoy anime and roleplay, this server is definitely for you.

Hello, me and my friends made a chatting/gaming server for people who just wanna chill. We are a small community who just chat and have fun. Be warned some of the chat is graphic so if you can’t handle that please scroll away.

We offer a full automatic dino buy bot for our members to inject survival and non survival dinosaurs We also have a point system, means practice in events to earn points, also we are doing every week some big and small events

Hello this is a new server for friends, gamers and the discord community if you have joined the server we hope you have a nice stay and we will do our best to make this a safe and fun place for all

We have strawberry jam and mudcake

This sever Is a news sever for Welcome to Bloxburg We have giveaways Music bots Self-promotion

Heyo! I’m Blade And I Have A Brand New Server Called Blade And Buddies! Now Blade And Buddies Is A New Server That Is In Need Of New Members! We Have Multiple New Friendly Friends And More! If Your Willing To Join Make Sure To Read The Rules!

Sky discord server


its a Anime server more bots will be added naruto bots sao bots and nitro giveaways will be held

This is ᖇᗴᖴᒪᗴᑕTIOᑎ~~, the server that surely has place for you and if it doesn't you can suggest whatever you want and we can add it! We have gaming, programming, linguistic (multiple languages), hobbies and art, anime, manga channels and more!

☆Castro Star’s Anime Club☆ This server is for anime and manga lovers who want to meet other anime and manga lovers. Join and meet all kinds of weebs! We have many bots for games, music, etc. We also have a friendly staff! Come and join us!