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Friendly and welcoming! -chat, make friends, and/or game with others about games listed above + more! -game leaks/announcements -fun bots to test out -color picker (and many other self roles) -100k nt cash on join (for nitro type players)

Søciety is a Gaming,Tech & Chill community discord server where you can meet other people who might have the same interest as yours. We offer many entertaining channels,loads of giveaways,tech help and amazing bots! Before you continue to the server

Welcome to the witch cultists where we talk about anime, music, and just chat

A community discord mainly focused around fps and sandbox games, but we like to chill with card games, movies, and music as well.

Willkommen bei ESK🏆 Bei uns gibt es folgendes: -Turniere -Bots -Mini Games -Aktive Community -Ein tolles Team

Do you have a VR head set? Do you have gorilla tag installed? Do you enjoy playing gorilla tag competitively? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Join us and talk to fellow gorilla tag enjoyers, start a gorilla tag esports team, or play fun rooms!

Welcome to Freewill's Pokemon Central we do giveaways and other things here!!

-Have Debates with friends😎 -Get to know eachother😋 -Watch movies together😳 -Have fun!!!🤗

This server has been partnered by the official "Bobux creator group" This server has its premium stats, Feel free to let me know some bugs!

This community dedicated to the new and experienced trader. We focus on traditional and crypto markets, leveraging different trading styles, education and support to build confidence, knowledgable, successful and profitable independent traders.

New Eden is a chatting server to come and chill at! We'd love to see you around!

A 18+ SFW server for college students and beyond to make friends, study together, support each other, game together, listen to music together, and do events!

This is a place to meet new people and talk about a massive variety of topics (including NSFW too)! We are building a community here, we really hope that you will be a part of our community!

The Prime Lounge is a server that is made for anime fans or people who like to play video games. This is a community server where you can make new friends and relax. This server has many events and has a good number of bots that are really fun. Enjoy.

◥◤ SFW Community 🍡 ◢◣ Aesthetic 🎴 ◤ Self bots 🀄 ◣ Fun Events 🎉 ❥ Animanga 🍥 ❥ Novels 📖 ➜ Art & Memes 🍹 ➜ Gaming 🎮 ● Positivity 💞, Spoilers ☕ ● Mudae 🍨, Userphone 🥞, Karuta 🥪 ● Matching icons 🥂

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