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gaming place and chill

JNJ Network is a gaming community server mostly for our Minecraft server players. Get latest updates here and get yourself involved in the community!

A Prettty Damn Interesting Server, If ya ask me, Taht is..

A Phasmophobia LFG server to find other players wanting to play some phasmophobia in your region!

🥀・angst ⸝⸝ ❧ ;; aes non toxic community featuring themed emotes , self roles , confessions , & more !

join if u wanna play val, csgo, cod or a bunch of other games!! just trying to grow the server :)

A great community where we discuss all topics related to Lex Fridman Podcast and then some.

Cool people just chilling and having fun!! Lots of memes! Music friendliness

Welcome to Haley's Avatar Server We are a very cute and friendly community filled with lots of people to chat with. Here we serve you guys with our love and affection.

Super chill server with games, music, and many people to meet.

What can we offer you who joins the Nation? -A fun place where you can listen to music and listen to others sing. -Open up to people and request help and conversations with the owners. -Suggest ideas for the future server.

A mental health server ran by users Kingrose and Kinglit

This is an art-based server for the closed species Gigglepups! We have art games, raffles, roleplays, FREE events, and more! This server is PG-13, has no NSFW, and has no extreme horror content. WE HAVE TRANSLATORBOT AND PLURALKIT! NSFW icons = ban.

Welcome to 。・゚゚・ 𝕮𝖑𝖚𝖇 𝕮𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖘𝖔𝖓 ・゚゚・。 ╭ ◜ ⊹˚.⋆────✦ ⋮ ~Our community is a cute & friendly one, with lots of people to chat with. ~Come join this eventful club to have some fun, meet new people, and even grab a few things while you're there! 18

We help people suffering with severe problems like depression, suicidal thoughts, or even child abuse and neglect.