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KNN is an 18+ NSFW discord server that has: - NSFW Subreddit autposter - NSFW Content Creator Support - Kink-Friendly! - Discord Games! - LGBTQ+ Chats! - Customizable server experience! And much more!

Herzlich willkommen in der OpenMindGaming Community! Hier bist du genau richtig mit deiner offenen Mentalität. Nimm dir die Zeit dich zu öffnen, wir bieten den Raum!

PYTAJ | DYSKUTUJ | POMAGAJ, CZUJĄC SIĘ SWOBODNIE! Serwer dla wszystkich nastoletnich entuzjastów programowania, lub szeroko pojętej informatyki.

Our goal is to help you grow your server and your social media, and we provide plenty of channels to assist you in the process of achieving your growth goals.

🥀 A lovely and Dark Aestetic server for your tastes ~ 🥀

The Community ——————————— -Chat, make new friends, stream games -Looking for admins, people who know how to work bots/discord -Chat to rank up, gain new roles -Tons of reaction roles and special roles -Very welcoming community -Give feedback!

At the confluence of planes, all is not what it seems- and in the kingdom of Renevys, it is only a matter of time before mystical forces come to claim the world at large. An RP server looking for active members.

Join our german Cook Group(also English chat)

This server is about having fun and playing video games. You can play with friends and others.

Triggered is a fun community filled with amazing staff and members! Everyone's welcome no matter race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion and etc!

Are you a Portuguese native interested in learning Japanese? This is a chill place created with the intention of bringing together native speakers of Portuguese from any country studying Nihongo ♥

Do you want to fullfil your lifelong dream of talking to random people in discord Oh boy we have a solution for you! Come join us and be one of the aliens

Arcane is a new Social, Fun, Gaming, Chilling community. We have members across the globe and we are trying to grow as a community. - We are looking for Partners!

✮We have a chill space with a fun, friendly community looking to expand and meet new people. We can get pretty wild and we're all about the laughs and the lewds. The majority of our members are 20+. Come hang with us!

Check out smol beans club if you're looking for new friends who might have the same game interests as you do! We have game nights, movie nights and other events every now and then and enjoy getting to know new members!