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A fun sever that has.... LGBTQ+ GAMING ANIME MOVIES and most things people could ask for!

This is a gaming/dnd server for everyone! Anyone is welcomed

Minecraft Java and bedrock Minigames/SMP Server.

The Roblox community! Chat with other players , discussions about roblox updates!

Fun Discord server. Not too big please join and be active on my server I do a lot of giveaways and soon events!!

Danish CSGO Community er et community for alle hvor du kan finde nye folk og generalt bare have det hyggeligt.

Soo i don't really know but you should join it. We need ppl to join and give us feedback. THANKS!

Hello! We are a new server dictated for a variety of gaming needs.

A chill & fun server to make new friends & play games! We have channels for Minecraft, Animal Crossing, & lots more!!

We are friendly people, who just chill and play games like Minecraft, CSGO, League of legends, Among us and more in the future!

This is a fanbased server for the one and only rikka!

We sell mods for all your favorite Call of Dutys

୨୧ We are a really chill server for hanging out or for others who just want to chill and play games!

This server currently has 55 members. We're all teenagers, friends, and bored. Sometimes we have watch parties and use VCs for gaming, but it's just a place to make more friends. (we like gaming, dream team/streamers, anime, movies, nice people) pls join!

Just Emoji and Emotes, Nothing more, Nothing Less, Nitro Emotes, and Cute Emotes and Cute Emoji

A fun, friendly, community dedicated to worshiping Lil Uzi Vert as a good (a joke don't take it serious). We're a welcoming community so don't be afraid to pop in and say hello! We're small ATM but we have big dreams! Come join us!