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This server is to meet new people, game, have fun and chat! You can also promote your twitch, YouTube and anything else!

Hello, I'm kai and I own the server, please keep the server active and please check the rules and also the server is not finished!

Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing great! Let me tell you a little about server, The Waifu Den in the next paragraph.

Private minecraft server, studying, D&D games, daily vcs, and more!

The place we post downloads for our games!

Link de Acesso Ao Grupo de Amigos de Superfech.

we game we eat doritos

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HyGate - Minecraft Network Our Servers: - Classic Survival (McMMO, Jobs, VeinMiner) - One Block Skyblock (No cash economy) - KitPvP (Money economy with upgrade shop) Our Server: mc.hygate.net

Escape from tarkov for Benelux ( NL BE )

This will be a basic Diablo 2 Resurrected trading server. I dislike the forumgold meta.

✨🌺 We are a friendly community of artists, gamers and etc.! We are LGBT friendly!! If you are a homophobe I recommend not joining the server because we don’t want you being rude. 🌺✨

🌙🎀 CozyMochi is a friendly anime themed server with a great community made to have fun and make friends 🎀🌙

⸺﹘ ꕻ ﹘⸺ Aurora 16+ ⸺﹘ ꕻ ﹘⸺ Welcome to Aurora! We are a friendly community devoted to finding new people we can share interests with. Share your favourite memes, music, anime, manga or invite people to play games together.

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