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Welcome to My Hero Academia: The ₲ⱠŁ₮₵ⱧɆĐ ɆⱤ₳, we are a small roleplay server hoping to grow!! We Offer: Plenty of channels!! A friendly community!! LGBTQ+ Friendly (Everyone is welcome!) A dice bot (Which is being used as our fighting system!)

Fun server that is kid friendly. Mainly focused on video games.

What are we? Well, we are a growing community of Teenagers. This is a community server for other fellow teens to come join and hang and meet new friends!

Fun, Welcoming and happy community! We have DGTs, developer help and much more!

You play with bots on here

↳✧・゚positive community,, nontoxic ↳✧・゚LGBTQ+ friendly ↳✧・゚active staff and semi active chats ↳✧・゚roles & colors ↳✧・゚aesthetic and clean layout ↳✧・゚server events,, movies night & gws etc

Come and sail to the first Pirates of the Caribbean server!

Star Wars Role-Play Türk Sunucusu, Marvel-Disney Film ve Dizileri ile ilgileniyor ve türlü oyunlar oynuyoruz. Battlefront 2 ...

Make new friends and invite old ones chill and hang out game and have fun it’s Blue magic here to stay

Hey, deze server is lekker om te chillen dus kom maar langs en geniet van de gesprekken!

Hello! This is the Purrfect Hangout! We are a small, friendly server. Hope you enjoy your stay here! :)

We are a gaming server with a great community. We do not have the main game that we play, as we all play different games, there are games that we don't have that you can add through our form in "announcements"

Československá Minecraft komunita pro server LunarsDivided.

You are into anime? You wanna have more friends that watch anime or you simply wanna talk about your favorite anime/manga show with someone? Our server is the perfect place for it because it's anime/manga oriented and it has a stable server staff system.