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A small community of friends open to others looking to chill, play games and chat

We're a community of gamers and friends, always looking for more people to play with. Primarily adults with families/jobs, we fit best with those who come and want to chill gaming together. 18+

well its a roleplay discord server where you work at a Nationwide

Vindicator is a channel monitoring bot, Vindicator monitors for duplicate and cross posting of Discord Servers in channels. Can also delete messages from a member when they part a server. Completely configurable per channel or category.

A server where any girl, gay, and theys can come have a safe place to game, make friends, and talk!

A place to share all your cool clips and highlights of Rocket League, Trade with other players to make some credits and Play with others to make new friends or improve your gameplay experience!

tired of not find good discords to hang out in? sad you keep getting bullied in other discords? dont worry you'll probably join say nothing and leave immediately because the fear of making new friends is too immense for you.

leepy Services is your spot for cod services and more!

Come today, we have lots of bots to have fun with and people to chat. Invite friends, have fun interacting with other people and discovering new things.

Company 7 was a server I created for my friends and I, but I want to expand it to the rest of the discord community. We play video games together, watch movies together, hang out and socialize, and just have an awesome time here.

Hello and welcome to PingwiiniPalvelin! Our main goal is to unite people via gaming and social media. Our primary language is Finnish. Share this to all your Finnish friends!! Of course, you can join us wheter you speak Finnish or not!

Pripoj sa k priate─żnej hernej komunite!

Play the popular party game Mafia on my server Sleeping with the Fishes! Play as a mafioso trying to off everyone else or as a villager using special abilities to execute mafia members. But nobody knows who's who. Similar to Town of Salem and Among Us.

This is a Clash Of Clans Community. If you missing the Global Chat your right here. We are friendly and peacefull. You can also use our Server to apply for one of our clans. The D.L Community is also a req n leave Clan Family.

An airsoft community that is looking to bring the Northeastern US airsoft communities together to chat, learn about events, etc.

A very new server which serves as both a gaming community chat and a hangout section! We're looking for new members to help us grow. This is a chill and laid back server that also acts as a safehouse with verification systems in place. Hang out with us!